Doug Jones and Donald Gottesman

Doug (66) talks to Don (50) about the recent death of his spouse and partner John and how they decided to donate money to the California Community Foundation to enable underprivileged kids to attend theater performances.

Military Dad

My dad tells me about his experiences in the air force!

Interview with naval veteran Brian Kennedy

Brian kennedy went to the naval academy and then fought in the Vietnam war. He is my grandfather on my moms side.

Question’s for Dad

We just talked random question’s

The Great Thanksgiving Interview- Glenda Gabel

I apologize for not taking a picture so I used one of us when I was 8. In this interview we talked about childhood memories, work experiences, family topics, and more.

My Mom’s journey from Russia to LA

Imagine flying over 6,000 miles, to the other side of the globe and settling in a place you know very little about. This might sound scary to a lot of people. Some people don’t like traveling with little kids because...

hijacked to cuba

Grandmother was Traveling to Miami in the late 60’s. Unfortunately on your flight happened to be a Cuban immigrant who ended up hijacking the plane in order to get back to Cuba to see his family and return home. Unfortunately...

In the life of my best friend, grandpa.

I have learned so many new interesting facts and stories about my grandfather. I found out he loved airplanes , he had no cellphone, he got married twice and much more. I love him!!!

Makerspace interview assignment Matt and Eli

We talked about the most important and influencing people in my mother's life, along with what she did as a kid, her past and present jobs, and finally her time in the Air Force. Yeah, don't mess with the space-time...

Interview With A Ghanian American Citizen

We talked about his journey to America from Ghana and the challenges he faced

Grandma June And Life Experiences

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2017 at 11:45pm, in Forest Hills, New York, Grandma June (82) talked about her experience with her animals during her childhood and how her original thought about being a vet changed in an...

Thomas Brandt and Sally Lamer

Tom (53) is interviewed by partner Sally (55) about the time when he and his friend "Light" were to test the "Line of Death" -- airspace near Benghazi.