Merideth Allen Chelberg _ 11/30/40_recorded 12/26/17

Merideth Chelberg mainly talking about her ancestors. I’ll do a more current interview in 2018.

My Grandparents

My grandparents and their childhood

Sarah Winther’s History and Experiences

In this interview we spoke about many of Sarah Winther’s experiences and past. This ranged from good and bad influences in her life, at work and at home, to her childhood experiences. We spoke about how she used these influences...

Dylan Caine (16) Asks His Mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), About Her Detroit Youth, Jewish Ancestry, and Worldview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving, 2015 in a suburb of Cleveland, Dylan Caine (16) asks his mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), about her quintessentially American upbringing in the suburbs of Detroit. Born into a caring and hardworking family of six,...

What’s Up Mrs. Wilson?

We talk to Mrs. Wilson about her family history and growing up.

The Great ThanksGiving Listen with Bonnie King

I ask about life growing up, father's & mother's ancestry, and politics in the family. The interviews ends with wisdom to future great great grand children from my mother, Bonnie King.

An interview with my step father.

In this interview my stepfather and I talked about his past with his family. We also discuss how and when his ancestors came in from Germany. We mostly talked about his time in the military and what happened there.

An Interview With My Aunt Marely

Marely has had a great childhood despite the hardships presented to her by the communism in her country of birth (Cuba) and has an interesting ancestry and great parents/grandparents, lots of fun memories, and a lot of experiences that have...

“Find your passions.”

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Evan Parker (16) interviews his grandmother Judy Fulton (70) about her childhood and her family. Judy shares stories of what her childhood was like, and what she...

PLP English II Narrative: Perseverance and Immigrating to America in the 1600-1700’s
February 11, 2018 App Interview

This interview outlines the concept of perseverance of my family's ancestors coming to North America from Europe before the Revolutionary War.

Family History: Tracing Back with Sophie and Linda

Sophie Haward interviewed her mum Linda Haward about family history in New Hope, PA. They discuss both sides of our family and their origins. One, in Eastern Europe, who journeyed to England in the Victorian era after religious discrimination. They...

interview for school with dede

I learned a lot about my grandad and his life in this interview. It was very interesting to learn about him and his history and I have a lot of respect for him.

The Grapes of Wrath- Father/Daughter Interview

Interviewing my father about his work, childhood, and ancestry. Recording did quit suddenly however, I hope you enjoy.

Tyler Cross and Patricia Cross

Tyler Cross (35) asks his mother Patricia "Pat" Cross (74) about her life, family and previous jobs. Patricia shares stories about her childhood, her journey to Montana and past relationships.

StoryCorp history project: Mannon Kaplan

I interview my grandfather about his Jewish identity and his parents and grandparents

Learning about Mom’s life

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Liam Bennett (16) interviews his mom Flora Bennett (49) about her childhood experiences in her home country and her childhood experiences in America. Flora shares her stories of excitement and...