Mom and Me: ancestry and childhood
November 25, 2017 App Interview

My mom talks about her unique childhood experiences ranging from living with her grandparents to surviving a major illness.

A conversation with my father, John Kelly

My father and I converse about our Celtic ancestry and what it was like growing up as a “military brat.”

My dad, Phil O.

My dad and I sit down to talk about our family's past, his life and the wisdoms he has learned.

Carolyn Hyppolite and Kiplyn Primus

Carolyn Hyppolite (39) talks with her new friend and roommate, Kiplyn Primus (57), about their participation in the Jamestown to Jamestown Year of Return trip to Ghana.

Grandparents Interview

Interview about Mary Ann Wall and Rory Wall’s childhood, adulthood, values, how America used to be, etc.


We talked about my grandma’s childhood and her advice for future generations.

An Interview With My Father

It is Novermber 26, 2018. This interview was conducted in the only quiet place in the house, my bedroom. I, Olivia Jardin, age 17, am the interviewer, and my father, Mark Jardin, age 54, is the interviewee. Some of the...

Mark and Korbyn Thanksgiving

Korbyn Pullen interviews his grandfather, Mark Gormley, on November 21st 2017. His grandfather shares stories of his ancestors and life as a child.

English 2 Project
November 29, 2018 App Interview

My grandma and I talked about our history and stories of childhood

Interview with Meme

My grandmother and I talked about her life, family memories, and our ancestry.

Arjun interviews his dad, Anand Gramopadhye, and Anand talks about his journey through life

In this interesting interview, Anand talks about a multitude of subjects. The topics include childhood in India and how he lead an active and fun youth life. This leads to influential figures in his life which have really shaped him....


Thoughts on childhood, ancestry, and future generations…..between a girl and a boy that love each other a whole lot

Learning about my ancestry and family background with my grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa about my family background and his journey of coming to the United States. This interview sheds a light onto a unique community located in Jamalpur, Ahmadebad called Chhipawad. Chhipawad consists of thousands of people, whose ancestors...

Rachel Petite and Fred Martin

Cousins Rachel Petite (52) and Fred Martin Jr. [no age given] talk about their family ancestry and memories of Montana. Fred shares about his experience in the Korean War and the research he did for his book on Abraham Lincoln.

Frank Fields III and Frank Fields

Frank "Jim" Fields Jr. (90) and his son, Frank Fields III (65), talk about their family and their connection to Brooklyn, New York.

How my grandma’s grandparents met and came to America.

In this interview, conducted On December 1st 2019 in Tarzana, California, Liam Hatzer interviews his grandmother Joan Hartley about the story of her grandparents meeting. She tells the story of how they were separated when her grandfather moved to America....