Emily Crowell and Fernando Ocampo

Emily Crowell (17) and Fernando Ocampo discuss being Argentinean, moving to the United States, and education.

History US II

My mom explains her childhood and how her parents met in the DR after her father left Spain because of its bad positions in war

High school life then & now

I interviewed my mom Andrea Hansis-Diarte about where she grew up & how high school life has changed since.

Manners Maketh Man: Diana Vilnis Drew

We visited Grandma for Christmas in 2018 and talked about her growing up in Argentina. She told us about her Christmas traditions and the Dia de Los Reyes. She also talks about her frog collection.

My grandfathers interview

My grandfathers journey to getting to the United States, and the things he’s accomplished along the way

Service learning – Lina Sosa

My mom and I talked about what we wanted for the future and the goals she has.

Interview with abuelita

Grandma was interviewed but needed assistance remembering things.

La Historia de Marcelo

Una entrevista entre Luna y Marcelo, una estudiante universitaria y un inmigrante argentino. El Marce, mi padre, tiene 66 años y ha vivido en los Estados Unidos desde 1977. Hablamos de las problemas económicos y políticos en Argentina, las políticas...