Interview Of Grandpa
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing Grandpa about Love, The Army, Traveling, Teaching, And Family

Father in the Army

Here is an interview with my dad about his time at West Point and in the Army.

Vietnam War
October 28, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we talked about John French’s experiences in the Vietnam War.

My dad and the army

My dad talked about his experiences with West Point, fighting in Germany, Iraq, and what he has taken away from this.


We asked questions about many things when he was younger.

Bubba Mckenny and Emma

Interview with Bubba McKenny who is in the Army. He’s been in the Army for 29 years.

Ava Ahmadbeigi and Gary Hovatter

Gary Hovatter (67) tells his StoryCorps conversation partner Ava Ahmadbeigi (26) about his upbringing in Yuma, time in the military and connection to the events of 9/11.

Maeve Prosser’s Interview with Donald W. Prosser

This interview is about my 84-year-old grandfather’s life in the military and what led up to it. Donald W. Prosser shares stories from being a child during World War II and how that impacted his decision to attend West Point...

Julia Crowley and Logan Crowley

We talked about my moms life, mostly about her dad/ my grandfather and how he was in the army and they moved a lot. We also talked about her life decisions and etc.

Family journey

We talked about what it was like to participate in the military and how it changed my fathers life. We also talked about some of the most important and influential things/people in his life.

Vietnam War With My Pap

In my interview I talked about different parts of my Pap’s life.

This is a practice Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am going to interview my father because he’s kinda old and has a very interesting past. He grew up in Puerto Rico only speaking Spanish and then decided to join the army. I hope to find out how that...

~Love you More~ An interview about life and love

Ronald Graft tells his story of life and important people and things to him.

Interview on Duncan Monroe

In this interveiw, my grandpa Duncan Monroe is interviewed by me Cade Beadell. This interview was conducted in 2017 just out side of Love Lock, Nevada. I, Cade Beadell ask my grandfather questions about his life and types of advice...

Interview with my Dad

This interview talks about my dads life growing up and some of his best and worst memories in his life so far.

Questions With My Stepmom

I asked her a few questions about her political views and beliefs as a Reserves Officer.