Tristan Interviews His Dad About His Life

We talked about his life and some memories. We also talked about his life as a soldier.

Life is a bit Grand!…father? (My Grandpa’s life.)

My grandfather recalls small moments in his life where he remembers his family, friends during school, his military days and his job in Law Enforcement and Chief of Police of Socorro I.S.D!

My Dad and I eating tacos by a Christmas tree #thegreatlisten2019

Talking to my Dad about his favorite holidays and his military experience.

Life of Stephanie Alphin

In this interview, Sam asks Stephanir questions about growing up as an army brat, from moving from country to country, and stories about sam growing up, with his Epidermolysis Bullosa disorder.

Interview with Sam Payne

Lilly Kraemer interviewing with Sam Payne in New Jersey, on January 11th, 2020. Sam was a helicopter pilot and a fixed wing pilot for many years. He served in the Korean war for the United States Army for 16 months...

Robert Menchaca’s Army Reserve Audit

Robert Menchaca, a financial consultant for the US government, unveils his experience with the 2012-2013 audit for the US Army Reserves. He describes his role and involvement with the government and the audit itself, as well as the implications it...


Today I interviewed my dad who is currently serving in the military.I interviewed him about his life before and after the army.

interview with poppy Allen

My grandpa grew up on a farm with lots of animals. He was drafted into the military at the age of 18. He met my grandma at an A&W. They had 2 kids.

Jesse Weaver talks about his childhood.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Monique Washington interviews her grandfather Jesse Weaver about his childhood. Mr.Weaver shares stories about him involved in the army. He also will discuss his past jobs, Sports, and advice to...

Papa Jerry and me

Papa loved in a very different time than I do. He had very distinct memories of his childhood family and friends.

The life of Daniel Maldonado

In this interview we talked about my father and his life as a child but also his hardships in life as he got older

Steve Davis Part 1-Mead High School-Alexis Yeoh

Mr. Steve Davis talked about his duties as an American and how he felt about his vote for the 2016 Presidential election. He talked about his biggest influence and how the person has impacted his vote.

Part 1- Retired Attorney Andy Cecere talks about his life and journey to Richmond

From a young age, Andy was motivated to create change. In this three part interview, Alison hears about his childhood, his time in the service, his path to Earlham and his life in Richmond. We also learn about those who...

The Life of Jim

We talked about his childhood and his military past, as well as a few parts inbetween.

Jerry Mills

The life story and defining moments in Jerry Mills’ life.

Why PaPa became a pastor

My grandmother Bopie telling the story of why we husband became a pastor instead of a neurosurgeon

Officer Grooms

Officer Grooms and his Army experience