Barbara Still and Nell Wright

Nell Potter Wright (98) shares memories with her daughter, Barbara Still (71), of growing up in Virginia, going to nursing school, and being in Nurse Corps during World War II. She remembers her late husband, Alfonso Franklin Wright Jr., and...

Leonard Landau and Lauren Landau

Lauren M. Landau (30) speaks with her grandfather, Leonard M. Landau (99), about his childhood in the Bronx, serving in London and France during World War II, and getting by during COVID-19 compared to the Great Depression.

Robert Moore, Sylvia Moore, and David Moore

David Moore (95) shares his stories from serving in World War II with his son Robert "Bob" Moore (62) and his daughter-in-law Sylvia Moore (60).

Interviewing WWll veteran David Erwin Marshall; The Battle of the Bulge

Students Fatoumata Niangadou (16) and Jade Ledoux(16) representing the Berkeley Carroll’s Reading War class of 2023 interview WWll veteran, David Erwin Marshall on Monday, May 10th, 2021, through the online platform of zoom. David Erwin Marshall has a connection to...

My 261 Days in Combat Recorded by P.F.C. Kenneth Gorman for his granddaughter.

When I was 21 I asked my grandfather to speak to my classroom about his time in WWII. He said no. It was the first time he said no to me in my life. A few weeks later he sent...

WWII – Living History with Jim Becker

Uncle Jim Becker tells his great nephew and great-great nephew about his time in the warin the 101st Airborne Division, including landing on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in the first wave of infantry, and liberating Dachau prison camp,...

Matthew O'Neill and John O'Neill

Matthew "Matt" O’Neill (31) shares a conversation with his grandfather, John O’Neill (96), who Matt calls "Pop," about John’s experience in the Army during World War II.