Terrence Adams and Morgan Routson

Megan Routson (29) interviews her fiancé, Terrence Adams (30), about his brain tumor. He speaks about how it has affected his life, how their relationship has changed, and his hopes for the future.

Winston Dunn

Winston Dunn tells his story about life after 27 operations on a brain tumor when he was 10. Now, 31 years later, Winston wishes to someday continue learning how to be a mechanic, and to one day be able to...

The Grief of Losing an Idol

On November 27th, 2017, Charlie Ruderman interviewed his mother Catherine Smith to learn about her childhood and what it was like to lose a loved one. Throughout the interview, Catherine describes her childhood in the 1970’s San Fernando Valley. This...

Sara Saltzman, Zachary Saltzman, and Jake Saltzman

Sara Fay Saltzman (85) talks to her grandsons, Zack Saltzman (21) and his brother Jake Saltzman (25) about growing up in Chicago, her husband's business on Maxwell Street, her career as a teacher, and motherhood.

Ann Fisher and Sandeep Garcha

Sandeep "San" Garcha (43) discusses his life choices, addictions, and goals with his friend, Ann Fisher [no age given].

Shannon Bear and Amanda Bear

Shannon Bear (37) speaks to his wife, Amanda Bear (37), about losing his wife of 10 years to a brain tumor, learning not to sweat the small things in life, and his love for his children. They speak about remarrying...