Neha Viradia and her great uncle Ashok Balar talk about life lessons and more in Flemington, New Jersey

In this interview conducted in Novermber 23, 2017 in Flemington, New Jersey, Neha Viradia (14) interviews her great uncle Ashok Balar about his life lessons, family and work. He shares his memories and journey as an immigrant from in India...


My brother talked about his experience getting in a car accident and what happened, who they called, and their injuries.

My First Car Accident

She talks about her first car accident.

Danna’s Story

this is Danna Woodward talking about two important parts in her life.

A Traumatic Accident Left Not Unnoticed

Jessica Pham Interviews her co-worker/friend Noor Agha about her experience battling mental health after a car accident. Join us into knowing more about her family and support while we go in and learn about the struggles behind the accident.


I interview my dad about how he was in Mexico during the time of my moms and brothers car accident.

Two Close Calls

The worst car accidents my dad’s been in took place only two months apart.

My friend’s car accident

My friend tobias reflects on his car accident.


This interview is my Grandma's point of view on my mom's car accident.

Accident November 2000 – Jonathan Michalik

My husband’s (Jonathan Michalik) traumatic car accident and the message he wants his children and future grandchildren to remember.


Mom talked about the time her and my brother got in a bad car accident. She talked about what happened, her injuries and her reaction to what happened.

Lynsie Clott and Larry Clott

Lynsie Clott (35) talks with her father Larry Clott (71) about growing up in North Dakota, and getting into a car accident at age 20 in which he broke his neck and became quadriplegic. Larry recalls that he was told...

Life after near death

I interviewed my uncle who was in a car accident 5/28/07 and it has been 11 years since that day.

Person #1- Mom

The interview discusses the surrounding events regarding my mom's car accident

Harriet Mentzer and Gail Greener

Harriet Mantzer (67) talks with her friend, Gail Greener (59) about her time as a hospice nurse, caring for cancer patients, and delivering babies. She shares about being a rancher and the death of her seventeen-year-old daughter.