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Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

Alexander McGregor and Della Evans

Friends Alex McGregor (71) and Della Evans (91) talk about the importance of community in rural towns and share memories of their childhood and family.

Timothy Ratzlaff and Cyndi White

One Small Step participants Timothy Ratzlaff (64) and Cyndi White (66) have a conversation about the hardships in farming and keeping family land, the climate crisis, and advice to their younger selves.

Oren Connell, Robin Connell, and Steve Connell

Oren Connell (39) and his brother Robin Connell (36) talk with their father, Steve Connell (79), about his career as a sculpture and ceramics professor at the University of Montana and operating a cattle ranch. They reflect on lessons imparted...

Harry Callahan Interview #1

Jen Callahan, 32, interviews father Harry Callahan, 82, about life growing up on the Callahan Ranch, how he wound up in showbiz, and turning 16 in a cabaret in Mexico.

Saundra Gray and Charles Gray

Saundra Gray [no age given] and husband Charles "Charlie" Gray (87) discuss their early years growing up in different parts of Florida, transitions they have observed while living in Florida, their work and contributions within the state, and the benefits...

John O'Brien and Dale Smith

John "Jay" O’Brien (75) and Dale Smith (49) discuss their love for cattle ranching and land stewarding, what brought them to it and what keeps them happily engaged in the work they do.