I interviewed my father, Wasif Rehman, age 42, on their experience of immigration and life in a foreign land. We discussed the challenges, the pros, the differences and the opportunities this country had to offer.

What it Means to be American

An interview given by High School students, Kaitlyn and Natiya, to better understand what it means to be American

Mialisa Bonta and Sarah Spieldenner

Mialisa (42) talks to Sarah (54) talk about their experiences at Friends Seminary School. Mialisa was Sarah's student and tells Sarah of the incredible impact Sarah had on her development of sense of self. Mialisa and Sarah discuss teaching risks...

Daniel Corbin and Jenny Corbin

Jenny Corbin (37) and her husband Daniel Corbin (39) talk about the evolution of their marriage and their family, six years after their first StoryCorps interview, which they recorded the day after their wedding.

An Outsider in a Foreign Country

During the 1980’s in Seoul, South Korea, parents were determined to send their children to best universities to succeed and have a prosperous life ahead of them. Most kids were usually under the control of their parents and obeyed what...

McKenzie Lovelace and Alison Thero

Friends McKenzie Lovelace [no age given] and Alison Thero [no age given] discuss their experiences running local businesses in Pensacola, FL and express gratitude for their friendship, which has both brought them joy and eased the challenge of running a...

Chris Benadom’s Story

This interview takes a step back and focuses Chris Benadom’s life. It talks about the triumphs, the defeats, and everything in between.

Changing the Status Quo Pt. 1

Talking about Father Brad’s experience as a priest despite being gay and the challenges he faced becoming a priest.

Senior Interview

Charley Shope and Anne Ervin interviewed Alice Ruff a senior at their highschool to learn more about her experience at Fairbanks Highschool.

“Strives to achieve anything in life, even though it may be challenging, wiht love and support from family and friends”.
November 27, 2017 App Interview

A older cousin, Yuki Li, talks to her cousin, Tina Lin, about the people who impacted her throughout her life. Additionally, they discuss how spending time with family is valuable even though everyone just gets busier and busier. Yuki also...

It Won’t Be Like This For Long Pt.2 (Interview with Papi)

In the second part of this interview, Sofia Vazquez, 17 year old daughter, interviews her father, Enrique Vazquez, 45 years old, about present life and his dreams and hopes for the future.

Interview with Dad

I interviewed my dad because I have always been very close with my mom but I’ve never known much about my dad or his life before my family.

It Won’t Be like This For Long (Interview with Papi)

Sofia Vazquez, 17 year old daughter, interviews her father, Enrique Vazquez, 45 years old, about his journey to a new country and his journey getting to where he is now in life.

FMS Assignment

How I overcame a specific challenge

Learning a persons life

today on November 17 2022 I interview a friend of mine. The friend in question likes softball and loves her family.