The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War

My Dad's experiences during the Cold War, and my Grandpa's experiences during the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis.

Bens life

We talked about AJs depressing life

Cold War Captain

Ryan Tarantino interviews his Grandpa David Tarantino, about his heroic career as a military captain during the Cold War. An in depth look at his travels and memories along the way.

1980 “Miracle On Ice”

The 1980 Winter Olympics were monumental for the United States as the men’s hockey team upset the heavily favored Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. This interview highlights the importance and significance of the win in context...

My dad talks about growing up in the 80s
November 28, 2018 App Interview

We talked about some of his childhood memories and goals for the future. We also talked about what it was like to grow up in the late 80s to early 90s.

Magistra’s life story

My advisor Mary Richards (aka Magistra) and I talk about her childhood, best memories, parts of her career, and experiences who make her who she is.

Berlin Wall with Van Farnsworth

Van went on a 10 week trip traveling Europe and ended up in Berlin when the wall was built

Living History Project: Recorded Interview (Cold War & Immigration)

I interviewed my father on life during the Cold War in Yugoslavia. In addition, he explained his immigration journey to the United States.

Angela Meyers and Chris Sturdevant

Angela Meyers (41) has a conversation with colleague Chris Sturdevant (49) about Chris's passion for researching and writing about the the Cold War, his interests, and influences that led him to become a librarian and historian.

Nana’s World View

Susan Herbin And her 18 year old Granddaughter, Alexis Smith do a interview into the world view and life of Alexis’s Grandmothers life.

Interview with my Grandfather Veteran

Discussion with my Grandfather, an American lieutenant in West Germany, during the Cold War

Kevin Locke and Anthony Taylor

Anthony "Tony" Taylor (81) shares how the Navy has shaped his life with his friend Kevin Locke (60).

Interview with Polish immigrant

Bernadette was born in 1971 and immigrated to France and the United States in the 90's. This is her story. Recorded in Polish

Elena Southard on the Cold War & Fall of the USSR

Asking Elena Southard, a French teacher at C.W. Baker High School about her time as a child of an officer in the Red Army, and living in the Soviet Union during the collapse.

Military Vet Podcast- Matthew Kuesel + Steven Kuesel

Experiences while serving in the United States Military during last days of the Cold War era and the first days conflict in the Middle East.

Interview with dad

Spoke about his time in the military and his childhood

World news in the 1970’s

My grandfather and I discussed how he obtained world news when he was a teenager.

APUSH INTERVIEW with my mom!_LilyDunkin

This is my mom’s history as seen through the lense of AP US History. Diane W dives most deeply into the racial conflicts as seen in her experiences through the Rodney King race riots in the 90s. Being a Women’s...