Grandpa Norm Juster World War 2 Story

Grandpa Juster tells us about the events leading to him enlisting, what his time in the Navy was like and how it was to return.

The Korean War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Formal First class Sergeant of the 5th Regimental Combat Team of the U.S Infantry Bill Parker (85) describes his 13 month deployment in Korea during the Korean War (1950- 1953). When Sergeant Parker was interview by his grandson, Andrew Goetz...

Be All You Can Be

In this interview I asked my uncle some questions about his experience in the military. I also asked him some questions about his thoughts on the military.

Bubba Mckenny and Emma

Interview with Bubba McKenny who is in the Army. He’s been in the Army for 29 years.

Timothy Drake and Makenzie Dorval

Timothy "Tim" Drake (54) talks to his daughter Makenzie Dorval (29) about his service in the Marines, Army, and Air Force. He reflects on his most impactful deployments and the challenges of retiring from the military.


We talk about his time over seas with the Marines and army

Rachel Runfola and Peter Luitwieler

Coworkers and One Small Step conversation partners Rachel Runfola (63) and Peter "Pete" Luitweiler (79) talk about their military service, their work serving veterans, and the development of their different religious and political views.

Veterans connect

John hildebrand is my dad. He is corpsman in the Navy. He was in the military for 25 years. He told me lots of funny storys in his time like the time he was called old or the time when...