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Colleen Mahoney and Nancy Mahoney

Colleen Mahoney (89) is interviewed by her daughter, Nancy Mahoney [no age given], about her parents, attending college during the 1940s and '50s, and her journey from a Republican ideology to a Liberal one.

Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

John O'Brien and Dale Smith

John "Jay" O’Brien (75) and Dale Smith (49) discuss their love for cattle ranching and land stewarding, what brought them to it and what keeps them happily engaged in the work they do.

Fred Jones and Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt (41) sits down with her father, Fred Jones (79), to ask him about his young adult years. Fred shares stories from his time studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology and from his time serving in the U.S....

Cowboys and NHS

Topics covered: harry styles, louis Tomlinson, style, gay people, furry, and cowboys

"My Dad's a Real Cowboy" – Aaron & Jeff Tebbs on Growing Up Around the Tebbs Family Ranch

Alexandra Tebbs (23) interviews her father, Aaron Tebbs (50), and uncle, Jeff Tebbs (51) about growing up around the Tebbs family ranch in Panguitch, Utah.