Steve Sparr interview #2

Steve is growing up rather quickly and the world is turning faster than ever before. With the help of a special 2nd grade teacher he has skipped ahead in grades and has been exploring his strengths and interests. The 60s...

RICHARD FRISBIE (that’s “ie”)

“I figured I would get old, tweedy and sit in an old chair and read every day.” Richard grew up in a tight-knit family that dominated the hamlet of Veteran and made it possible for his mother to raise five...

Interview with Jenny Trask – a tale of migration

Interview with my Mom about our big cross country move. We talk about the good, the bad and all the love in between.

A new chapter from BOS to SEA

Rahil - Philly - Elopement - Vermont Cabin Trip - Paris - Chicago - Cross Country Road Trip to Seattle - Move In - Boston K/D Wedding - Home

What cross country means to her

Cross country coach, Julianna Murray, describes how cross country has influenced her and has taught her many life lessons. She goes on to talk about how cross country is different now than how it was when she ran in high...

The great Thanksgiving Listen

this is my sophomore friend bela. she inspires me everyday with her bright cheery personality.

So Wrong, but So Right

Long before texts, emails, and snapchat, if you wanted to talk to someone you either had to write a letter, or use the phone, and not a cell phone. Jake Freedman interviewed his grandfather Saul Freedman about his mid-high school...

Sophia’s Story

She talked about a cross country meet and everything that she does and experiences there.

Interview with Larry Winward

We talked about Grandpa's life, especially about his experiences running in cross country, and what it was like at BYU.

X Country

Boston to Fremont and back on Beast


Kyle Gronau (20) talks with Rob Cloutier (40) about self-esteem and confidence in adolescent distance runners. Rob first talks about his own experience growing up and running while dealing with a difficult home life, then gets into his job as...