Janai speaks with Dj Hayze about career choices and what’s up next!

Dj Hayze is a local Dj in the DMV area, he also travels around the world as headline Dj for Carnival Cruises. Being a Dj is hard and setting yourself apart is key. Dj Hayze tells us how he did...

Some Wisdom From Mom

Recording in Kansas City, Missouri, Katherine Etheridge (17) interviews her mother, Leslie Etheridge (49). The conversation dives deep into many subjects of life: good times, lessons learned, and some motherly advice.

Importance of Family

In this interview, Carly Settle interviews her grandmother, Cindy Ayers aka “Nanny”, about her family and childhood memories on Thanksgiving. This interview includes stories about her childhood memories in Brigantine. This interview focuses on the importance of family and how...

Brian Pressnall and Luci McDowell

One Small Step partners Brian Pressnall (63) and Luci McDowell (72) have a conversation about grandkids as a reward for having kids, leaving the country for the first time, and not feeling appreciative of anyone currently running for presidential office.

Judy Helm Wright and Dwain Wright

Spouses Judy Helm Wright (78) and Dwain Wright (83) reflect on their 58 years of marriage and answer questions prepared by their children and grandchildren.

Laura Garrison and Mary Kay Bishop

Friends, Laura Garrison (67) and Mary Kay Bishop (67), share a conversation on their friendship that spans 40 years and reflect on the adventures they've had and will continue to embark on.

"How to solve a problem that has never been dealt with before." interview Marcia McNutt and Margaret Leinen

Marcia and Margaret discuss what it was like during their early careers being out to sea on research cruises and the challenges faced being the only women on the ship. The two also discuss their work during the Deep Water...

Elizabeth Mosher and Erica Lee

One Small Step partners Elizabeth Mosher (57) and Erica Lee (57) have a conversation about being passionate about holding politicians accountable to their word, their kind husbands, and the confidence required to be a women in the workplace.

Drew Cason and Donna Bozeman

One Small Step conversation partners Drew Cason (34) and Donna Bozeman (65) discuss travel, their personal political values, and how the country can come together after divisive elections.