Marina Soto (16) Interviews Mrs. Johnson about her time as a teacher and how she shaped dance at El Molino.

Mrs. J tells us about how she decided to become a teacher and her early years of teaching. She tells us about her accomplishments at El Molino and the impact its had on her life.

Interviewing Aaryn about her dance life!

Aaryn is a fantastic dancer she started when she was three and she has dedicated part of her life to it!

Artist Stories – Hannah Luckow

A conversation with Hannah Luckow about how a shy girl was able to find her expressive voice through dance!

Reggio McLaughlin

When a young Reggio "The Hoofer" McLaughlin first started tap dancing in Chicago, venues turned him away at the door, saying "we haven't booked a tap dancer since 1945!" In this conversation with his coworker Mareva Lindo, he talks about...

Remembering Now

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Layla McIntosh (16) asks her mom, Jennifer McIntosh (43), about her life as a child and her struggles and what she gained. Layla learns that her mother was,...

Learning about my grandmas history and what she became of it.

Donovan Shaw (16) interviews his grandma Paulette Shaw (70). They discussed the struggles of being African American (5:35). Paulette talked about growing up in Alabama and moving to Michigan. The change was different for her. She discussed meeting the love...

Artist Stories with Beth Whelan

In this interview Beth Whelan sits down with Emily Running talk about her life and career in dance.

Artist Stories – Linda Austin

Emily sits down with Linda to talk about her career as a performing artist, what has been the driving force behind her work and how the Portland dance community has been changing.

Vic Perkins talks about his life in Bynum, Montana

Vic talks about life on a ranch in Bynum, Montana near Choteau and shares an interesting story of serving in the army and participating in the Ole Miss riot of 1962 reflecting on the event, "it changed can you...

Saladeen Alamin & Rosita Ragin-Alamin

Saladeen Alamin has been teaching Latin Dance at the Old Town School for over two decades. In this conversation with his wife, Rosita Ragin-Alamin, they talk about his early years as an acrobatic mambo dancer, his reflections on teaching at...

Interwiew with Ms.Gina Ellis

This interview was about life being a dancer and putting on show and working in professional dance companies.

Learning about grandma part 2

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in fortuna California. Ryan Gonzalez(15) interviews his grandmother Debbi Kalish(69) about her childhood and moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. Debbi tell stories about trips to Mexico and moving from...

Artist Stories – Bevin Victoria

In this interview Bevin Victoria speaks with Emily Running about her life and career in dance.

Carlton Highsmith and James Brockington

Carlton Highsmith (70) and his mentee, James Brockington (31), talk about entrepreneurship and the Edward A. Bouchet Scholarship. James talks about the Tia Russell Dance Studio and the work he and his wife are doing in Connecticut to teach young...

Hannah and Mr. Truong

Hannah and Mr. Truong have a conversation at the end of Hannah's junior year of high school.

Tiffani interviews Sue

Talking about her life so far.

My mom, Leigh Langston: “I Love Being A Woman.”

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Senia Langston (15) interviews her mom Leigh Langston (42) about her life growing up. Leigh talks about her passion about writing. She also talks about being raised by a single...

2018 Artist Stories – Jesus Rodales

Dance Wire Founder Emily Running talks with Jesus Rodales about his life and career in dance.

Madeline Feldman talking to her grandmother Karen Rosenstein about her life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oceanside, New York, Madeline Feldman (15) and her grandmother Karen Rosenstein (73) discuss her childhood and family. Karen shares an overview of her chapters in life. She shares stories about growing up...

Learning to poker at the Turner Hall in Chicago

My mom explains how she learned the polka stops without knowing at first that it was a dance.