Reasons I feel like I have a strong discipline

Discipline Embarrassment

In this interview, Frances Ngo askes her Mother, Wendy Yeh, about why parents are embarrassed about disciplining their child in public? Also, we will find out if Wendy Yeh is embarrassed by her daughter, Frances Ngo.

I Love You.

Jeffery is a wonderful, self-scarficing human being. He always gives so much of himself, that I wanted to know what he thinks of the life he created.

Dads interview.
December 11, 2018 App Interview

My Father, details his expierence joining the military.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Mary Louise White

My name is Taylor Spence and today on November 24, 2017 I am interviewing my 83 year old grandma. Her name is Mary Louise White and she will tell me about her life for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview...

My Life in Suburban Missouri

In this interview, my father discussed the difficulties of living in a small town in Missouri and being raised in a strict upbringing.