Shanon Dupree and Lizzie Kazan

Shanon Dupree (63) and her case manager Lizzie Kazan (27) talk about Shanon's struggle to overcome domestic violence and where she thinks she is headed in the future.

Day Bibb and Jacquie Hill

Day Bibb tells her friend Jacquie Hill what it was like to grow up in Portland, survive domestic abuse, and start a skin care company and a non profit. Jacquie discusses her passion for yoga, and how it helped her...

M Storm and Lauren T

Survivor M Storm (49) talks to her therapist, Lauren T (25), about what led her to Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) and why she chooses joy. M gives advice to others who might be in domestic violent situations and talks...

Jeri Jimenez and Elizabeth Pfenning

Jeri Jimenez (60) speaks with her colleague Elizabeth "Beth" Pfenning (34) about the experiences that have led her to become a voice for change for survivors of human trafficking. She shares about her experiences of sexual abuse in childhood and...

Maria Rodriguez and Juaquin Rodriguez

Siblings Maria Rodriguez (65) and Juaquin Rodriguez (61) talk about their large family, being Latinx, what it was like growing up in a rough part of Dallas, falling into bad habits, and how they've changed throughout life for the better.

Debbie Hoeker and Sarah Mauldin

One Small Step partners Debbie Hoeker (59) and Sarah Maudlin (46) discuss relationships with grandparents, enjoying kids without becoming a parent, and the challenges of finding community after the pandemic.

Zena Ozeir and Jumana Salamey

Zena Ozeir (29) talks with her aunt Jumana Salamey (38) about her college experience, graduating law school, and moving back to her hometown of Dearborn after school. She shares memories of her political activism and talks about her current work...

Jermaine Anderson and Lisa Nitsch

Jermaine Anderson (42) talks to friend and colleague Lisa Nitsch (39) about his upbringing in inner-city Baltimore and beloved family, his history of abusive partnership and overcoming abusive behavior through the Gateway Project, and why he is excited for his...

McKenzie H 4.22.18

McKenzie talks the role of photography in personal and cultural history, and the conflict of impartial presence vs involvement.

Domestic Abuse

MariJose talks about how she dealt with Domestic Abuse, and decided to get a divorce with the help of her family

Tim Young and Paul Lewis

Tim Young (61) and One Small Step partner, Paul Lewis (71), exchange personal experiences, religious beliefs, and political concerns.

Sherry Peruzzi and Meredith Peruzzi

Meredith Peruzzi (35) interviews her mother, Sherry Peruzzi (68), about her trouble conceiving children and her marriages. They discuss MP's disinterest in having kids and SP's strong desire for grandchildren.

Helen Jones and Tammy Mosby

Tammy Mosby (60) and One Small Step partner, Helen Jones (79), exchange experiences that shaped them politically, discuss Virginia's response to monument avenue, and acknowledge those that have influenced them.

About Eunice Faye McAvoy

Henry Beveridge (14) interviews Judy Beveridge (76) about her grandmother, Eunice Faye McAvoy, later Enice Faye Rice.