Sydney Ray and Karen Ray

Sydney Ray (27) and her mother, Karen Ray (54), talk about their family dynamics, including Sydney's experience as the oldest of three children and her thoughts on having a brother with Down Syndrome. Karen shares some of her philosophies on...

Becky Lesch and Mel Lesch

Becky Lesch (70) speaks with her daughter, Mel Lesch (34), about her late son, Paul, who had Down Syndrome and inspired her work in disability advocacy. They remember his humor, his love of music, and his affection for those around...

Sweet little boy

Chip Zeman is the sweetest little guy I have ever met, with the biggest smile on his face at all times. Chip was born with downsyndrome and apraxia, something that makes it very difficult to talk and figure out what...

Football with Jordan

Jordan and I talk about his favorite things, how faith has supported him, his school, and his family.

Marilyn Reudelhuber, David Reudelhuber, and Mark Reudelhuber

Spouses Marilyn Reudelhuber (74) and David Reudelhuber (76) tell their son, Mark "Rudy" Reudelhuber (48), about how they met and the role of being Christian in their lives.

Kristin Mckinney and Savannah Mckinney

Mother Kristin Mckinney (48) invites daughter, Savannah Mckinney (28), to the booth on her 28th birthday to share memories of past birthdays and express love for friends and family.

Andrew Knight and Paul Jeffrey

One Small Step partners Andrew Knight (25) and Paul Jeffrey (58) discuss growing up in large families, their evolving religious beliefs, parenting goals, and Paul's negative interactions with the police.

Twin Talk with Tori part 2 (the process of publishing her book)

Tori answers questions about the process she endured writing her book “Life in Holland”. Listen to hear more from published author, Tori and her twin brother with down syndrome, Dylan.

Anna Alvarado and Lori Alvarado
November 28, 2022 App Interview

: 2022-11-28 20:07:25 Anna Alvarado (19 y.o) discuss with mother Lori Alvarado (52 y.o) about how it was finding out a younger sibling was born with Down syndrome and how raising him has been and will be in the future.

The Story Of My Birth

This interview is about my parents and I and my journey of being born. It is shared if he hardships that they faced and what they gained by this experience.

Richard Lewis and Marvin Nemitz

One Small Step partners Richard Lewis (88) and Marvin Nemitz (53), both ministers, discuss their views on the social safety net, the mental health system in the United States, and the life experiences that informed their views on racial prejudice.

Vicki Cook and Lee Detzel

Vicki Lee Cook (69) and her daughter Lee Anne Dretzel (41) discuss the intricacies of their family. They talk about Lee Anne's brother, Jim, who was born with Down Syndrome, and the ways in which Vicki grew and learned as...

Chad Bell and Sarah Bell

Chad Bell (33) speaks with his sister and favorite person, Sarah Bell (36), about what it means to him to have Down Syndrome, memories from their childhood, working his dream job at McDonald's for 14 years, and his close relationships...

Edward Walsh and Glenn Wells

Edward "Ed" Walsh (59) shares a conversation with his colleague Glenn Wells (66) about Glenn's experiences as board member and president of Cape Fear Group Homes Inc., and what drives his advocacy work.