Thank you for everything

Athina talks about her early childhood and what her late taught her.

Amy Wen talks about early childhood education in the US and in China

Amy was raised in a mountain community of southern China surrounded by nature. Her introduction to Waldorf philosophy was in 2006 while attending college. Her passion and strong desire to work with children in education led her to a job...


Her early childhood. We also talked about what she went through throughout her ears on this earth.

CI 5310 – Interview Week 4

Interview describing early childhood education experiences, popular toys, and how technology can be used in classrooms.

Early Life of Rose Buchheit

Rose talked about her parents, siblings and early life on the farm and she talked about her grade school experiences

Katie Lahiff & Erin Flynn

A conversation between Katie Lahiff, founder of the school's popular early childhood program Wiggleworms, and Erin Flynn, Old Town School Children's Program Manager. The two talk about their beginnings at the school, the joy of sharing music and movement with...