Sydney Armstrong interviews Tim Turck on his time in the FBI
February 12, 2018 App Interview

After getting shot at in the line of duty, Tim Turck was forced to retire early on his dream job. This interview goes through his journey of recovery and finding a new job as well as how it impacted his...

Interview with Dan and Kirby Doyle – March 13, 2018

Discussion of Dan and Kirby's accounting of their early years being married with my father being in the FBI in the south

Shandra Woworuntu and Katie Ford

Shandra Woworuntu (44) talks with her friend and mentor, Katie Ford (65), about her decision to find work in the US so she could escape the violence in her home country of Indonesia. Shandra talks about how her new job...

Barrett Ramos and Hazel Diaz

Barrett "Butch" Ramos [no age given] tells his new friend Hazel Diaz (36) the story of his Uncle Willy, a marine who defended his platoon against hundreds of Japanese soldiers in the Battle of Saipan during WWII.

Rebecca Greenberg Interview on Morris Guralnick

Rebecca Greenberg’s (my mom’s) Great Uncle Morris was #10 on the original FBI Most Wanted List. In this interview, we dive into how she met him and who Morris was to her after he served his time in prison.

Mom Remembers

Judy Sonny remembers personal early family history with her son, Mark.

Santiago Perez Navarro and Estela De los rios

Estela De Los Ríos (66) entrevista a Santiago Pérez Navarro (54) sobre su experiencia como víctima de la trata de personas, cómo ha cambiado su vida, y lo que le gustaría que otros supieran sobre la trata de personas. [Estela...

Paula Castano and James Castano

Spouses, Paula Castano (49) and James Castano (52), share a conversation about how they met, how their relationship developed, their work in the FBI, counterterrorism, the adoption process, their children, and their work with Hillsborough Public School Advocates in Tampa.