Interviewing Navleen Gill

I interviewed my close friend Navleen Gill who is 19 years old. I am also 19 years old. This interview discussed our family background, relationships, future goals and aspirations.

Chris and Michael

Chatting about childhood, our long shared history, and becoming a parent! Also, Michael likes to have fun but is not an exclusively fun person.


This interview was between Arya Sanani and Audrey Jordan, both 19 years old. Throughout the recording, Arya interviews Audrey and asks her many questions about her life and experiences.

Learning about Abigail

Talked about life, memories, friendship, faith, family, and future

Hannah Bartsch and Carlos Andres

Hannah is a fourth year Nursing major from Fort St John in Northern British Columbia (Like really far far far north). As my neighbor in Jacobsen hall, I recall our first few interactions were skirmishes over loud music from my...

Grandpa’s Tales

We talked about my Grandpa's life before children and true commitment. He shared with me what his life was like when he was younger and who his parents were. His mother was bedridden most of his life and his father...

A peek into the #deaddadclub

I interviewed my oldest, bestest friend. We chatted about childhood, career, and her experience joining the #deaddadclub, and living life after grief.

Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser

Friends and fellow members of Carver Community Garden of East Harlem Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser discuss life in NYC during Covid-19 quarantine, how community gardening has changed their lives, and the differences between life in NYC and Belgium during...

Maia interviews Hannah on their friendship and life.

Maia interviews her friend Hannah and asks her about things like their friendship and how Hannah wants to be remembered. They reflect on past interactions, how they became closer, and and their friendship now. Hannah talks about how her life...

Interview for Thanksgiving

By this interview I got more information from my mother's friend .Also,she showed the thanks to her grandma because she took care of Rui before she was 7years old.

Virendra Pal Singh Gill: Retired Indian Army General

Virendra Gill (74) has a deep conversation with his granddaughter, Keya Dutt (12) about life in the Indian army and in India.

Zach DeLoach

Dave asks Zach a series of questions for a class. Zach gets very personal at the end.

Life’s Most Profound Moments

Life’s most profound moments, especially that of humans connecting.

Shanelly Romero interviewing Naiyla Lodge

Shanelly Romero was interviewing me questions that were given and that she made up.

Anya Mammen with Heather Fisher and Renee Mammen

Renee and Heather are friends from college who still get together every year. Every year they tell new stories of their young lives together and myself, my sister, and heathers four kids gladly listen. I wanted to keep these memories...

The Great Thanksgiving listen

This interview was mostly me just asking Ms. Jackson some random question. About her life, growing up, Job, and etc.

Learning More About Maria Sheaffer

I asked Maria about a variety of topics. We discussed her childhood, family, education, religion, and our friendship.