“I think that this, this is my home”

Within this interview, conducted January 2018 in Boulder Creek, California, Samuel English (17) discusses life and the effects of immigrating to the United States as an independent German citizen with his mother, Andrea Rosa English (49). Mrs. English recollects some...

Grandma Marlene Annerino

Grandson Frankie Annerino (17) interviews Grandmother Marlene Annerino neé Gerber (82). They talk about her family and her life in Chicago.

Walter Zurasky, November 2015

Walter R. Zurasky, born and raised in Pennsylvania, talks about his life from childhood, living on a farm, to meeting his loving wife at Clarion College.

Uncle Dan

I talked to my great uncle Daniel Pankratz about his life, loved ones, and memories in the city of Chicago.

English 204 project

Little girl in a big family grows up in Minnesota. Goes into nursing gets Married, moves to Richmond Virginia and gets a big family of her own.

Douglas E. Aldridge and Mike Aldridge

Mike, 32, interviews his father, Douglas, 58. Inspired by a sudden increase in their family through Mike’s engagement with a woman with a son, Douglas talks about his grandparents and about being a parent.

Hayden Fulton interviews her Mom about how 9/11 affected her.

In this interview, on November 25 at my house in Birmingham, Alabama, I interviewed my mom about her family history and how certain historical events affected her. She shares how 9/11 affected her and what her favorite historical figures are....

Family journey

This effected her as a person knowing what it’s like to live in another place and how it can be harder.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Oma

I learned a lot about my Oma, I learned that she loves the out doors and nature, that might be where I got it from. She was born and raised in Ohio and went to 4 different schools from k-...

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

I interview my father on his experience when the Berlin wall fell.

Colt’s history interview with grandpa Doug
November 18, 2022 App Interview

This was a 12 minute interview with my grandfather, Doug Witzigreuter. Papa is my Dad’s dad and he was born in 1944. We disused topics ranging from his childhood to his job history and his parents.

Elijah Wiseman and Ilse H. (2)

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks with Ilse H. (88) about her life in Hamburg, Germany during the Second World War, living in Westchester as a German immigrant, and her family's experience living here.

How my mom’s side of the family migrate to the US

My family is German, Greek and Italian from my Mom's side of the family. Much endured through WWII

Ilse H. and Elijah Wiseman (3)

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks with Ilse Hoffmann (88) about her life in Hamburg, Germany during the Second World War, living in Westchester as a German immigrant, and her family's experience living here.

Flying Farmers

Ralph Breding grew up in rural Idaho and, with his family, farmed land that his German grandparents homesteaded in 1912. Ralph’s daughter, Lesa, interviews him about the intersection of farming and flying airplanes beginning with his parents, Gilbert and Gertrude...

We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

Ballenger Family History

This is an interview between me and my Gramps about where our family come from. There is also some History about the Sanders name, which was my great grandmothers maiden name. You’ll have to excuse a little discussion about family...