My Boss and I

This is a conversation between me and my boss mike. This is mainly about him and his life.

Alex Hill: The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about my childhood. She told me that I was a fun baby who had lots of energy and was always smiling.

A foreigners life from Greece

My Grandmothers story and how it happened

Bess Glastris and George Glastris

Bess Glastris (87) talks to her son George Glastris (47) about various members of her Greek family.

Greek life

Lauren gives her perspective and shared her experience in Greek life.

The Scottish boat to Canada, filled with Greeks

Pappou Demetri talks about his trip to Canada and the lifelong friends he made on the way.

Elizabeth interviews Papou for Heritage Project 5th grade. January 2019

She asked Papou questions about his childhood. Memories, games he played, school activities, family dinners, naming traditions.

“Culture is very important”

Konstantinos was a Greek immigrant who came to America at 14 years old, he sat down with me to record this interview and to tell me stories from his life and how American culture has impacted his life. He describes...

Hayden Goode and her Grandmother Ann Farris discuss her life and growing up Greek.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, I interviewed my grandmother Ann Farris, whom I call Yia Yia. We discussed growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and coming from a very Greek family. I learned more about my...