Circle of life-death

This is an interview with open ended questions based off of the topic of grief. Since I had lost someone close to me, I wanted to see what others perspectives were and what they believed in. So I asked my...


i interviewed my best friend, Aleigha Fitch, about our friend Daveon Harris who passed away.

Aarika Hopson and her mother, Janet Hopson, discuss grief, love, and happiness.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flushing, Michigan , Aarika Hopson (15) interviews her mother Janet Hopson (51) about her life as a preachers daughter living in Detroit, Michigan with seven sisters and a loving family. At 3:50,...

Grampa and Jo

My grandfather, Jim, met my grandmother, Jolene, in his freshman year of high school and his first impression of her was of a talkative, energetic person. They became friends and then started dating after college. Jolene completed him: he was...

Interviewing Kevin

Kevin shares about growing up with and losing his grandmother.

Mike and Jeanne

Mike and Jeanne talk about their friendship that started from sharing grief in the loss their loved ones.

Brian Wade talks to Kris Wade about losing her mom at an early age.

Losing her mom at 22, Kris Wade had to adjust to a different life at an early age. Being motherless had long-lasting effects and created a more resilient person in the end. It dramatically shaped the way Kris chose to...

Melissa Zeneri talks about her favorite memories.

This interview was recorded in Massillon, Ohio on November 29th, 2019. Melissa Zeneri describes her favorite memories of childhood, to adult hood.

Storytelling Project: Raymond Chodor

Raymond Chodor’s Interview for Fall 2019 University of Pittsburgh Navigating Grief & Loss Final Project

St. Jude Pray For Us

Carmella speaks of her Italian background, loss of her husband and explains the special connection she has to St. Jude.

My Nina

Talking with my nina about her life after losing both of her children.

Dad: His Loss and Hope

My dad lost his mom and his brother, so he had to learn how to cope and keep their memory alive in his future.

Overcoming Grief

This interview is about my mother, I interviewed her about the loss of her mother, who would’ve been my grandma that I never got to experience meeting.

Hank Hunt and Fran Tilton Shelton

Hank Hunt [no age given] and his longtime friend and colleague Fran Tilton Shelton (64) discuss the loss of Fran’s husband Bob to Alzheimer’s. They discuss Bob’s work as a pastor and being beloved by his community.


This is a story from my grandmother who speaks about the suicide and life of her second child and eldest son Jesse Junior Gardner lll

Perception of Death in Black Communities #GSUDeathF18

We discuss how death and grief is docterined within Black communities in America and the taboo behind it.

From my Aunt’s Perspective #GSUDeathF19

Discussing my dad and grandparents’ death along with the memories we shared.

A Grieving Child: The loss of a Veteran and Father to PTSD

I conducted an interview with my son to fulfill requirements for a college course. I chose him to touch on a subject that is often ignored, which is the grief a child feels when a parent passes.