Love in a world full of disparities.

A heart felt conversation between a teenager and her older mentor.

My mother, Ruqia Jeylani

This was an interview with my mother Ruqia Jeylani. She is to me one of the greatest people I know. She’s been through so much at such a young age. From the death of her father at age 13 to...

Blindness Never Hindered Their Vision for the Future

A blind teenager interviews his legally blind Great-Aunt about their trials and triumphs in the sighted world. He asks about her past and her hopes for his future.

Thanksgiving family interview

Our family background and its influence on us, and my mother’s personal aspirations and perspectives.

Never give up on your hopes and dreams

In this interview I sat down with my grandmother and I briefly talked about her life and what she thinks of me and some happy memories.

The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

Annie Fels

A great interview. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

Father and Daughter

My father and I talked about the good and hard times that occurred in our life time. We also talked about what we hope for in the future.

Sam Y.

Sam wisdom and experience

Attitude of Gratitude Allooh

Today, I interviewed my 25 year old sister. She answered questions about her life.

“Never Doubt Just Fly”

This interview was an inspiration to young people and to help conquer whatever life throws at us.

Love, Pain, Past, Present, and Future

As the interviewer I tried to structure the interview in the order of past, present future. So from her childhood, to her relationship with my father, to having me as a child, and finally to her future

Interview With my Mom

We discussed primarily what was important to my mom in her life and many of her outlooks on life.

Parenting Memories

My Mom and I talked about my early childhood and some of the memories that affected her the most. We also talked about what she hopes for me in the future

Virtue Ethics

Talking to my dad about this unit in theology

Interview with my grandfather

My grandfather was able to tell me about his life as a child, his hopes and wishes for his family, and his life in the service

A courageous journey from the Ukraine to US citizenship

Rada Oakley is a successful IT professional in NC where she lives with her husband and two young girls. Rada came to the US as an exchange student from the Ukraine and lived with Bernie and Sondra Edwards in Boone,...

Beating Cancer

A married couple’s life before and after surviving cancer.

Luke Stafford and his mom talk about her past.

In this interview, made in January of 2018 in Flemington, New Jersey, Luke Stafford interviews his mom Jennifer Stafford about her past and how it affected her in her life. She talks about her art career and that she went...

Interview with Papa

My father’s past, both happy and difficult memories, and his hopes for the future.

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mother about her childhood, current life, and hopes for the future.