Robert Flores Interview

talked about how my uncle's life went.

My Isnpiration in life

In this interview that took place in two different locations. Through Skype, Maria Eugênia (19), a Brazilian international student, interviews her mother, Marisa (49), that is current in her home country Brazil. It happened on October, 2017, on a Monday...

Thanksgiving interview

Who my mom was as a child, and how she grew up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019: Abraham Assad's Inspiring Life in a Nutshell

I was lucky to interview Abraham Assad, and inherit countless life lessons from an amazing example. From his love for Penn State to his faith in Jesus Christ, we discussed his whole life in just a little over 40 minutes....


Tam and the important moments that have shaped her as a woman

Person of Inspiration

This interview where I questioned my mom was very nice but quite emotional. Some of the questions I picked were a little deep but needed.

Reflecting on Life since the Beginning

My aunt has known me ever since I was born, and she took me in with open arms. Now I want to know a bit more about her life.

My father

A small sit down with my dad to see what more i can find out about him

English interview Questions

Interview with my father for the person of inspiration.

The story of isabella

we talked mainly about people in her life. We also talked about who has inspired her and memories she has

Melissa Zeneri talks about her favorite memories.

This interview was recorded in Massillon, Ohio on November 29th, 2019. Melissa Zeneri describes her favorite memories of childhood, to adult hood.

Marilyn Shaw talks to her grandson, Colin Shaw, about her life and inspirations.

In this interview, Colin Shaw (14) interviews his grandmother, Marilyn Shaw about her life. They talk about everything from her childhood to her jobs in the Foreign Services and Peace Corps, and even some political opinions. She shares about her...

Down Memory Lane

I talk with my mom about her life growing up in the Philippines. Then she asks about my life right now, and then we talk about our trip to the Philippines.

Me and my Dad

Me and my father talked about his viewpoints on life.

Jovita Molina and Ariel Benson

Friends Ariel Benson (55) and Jovita Molina (57) discuss their friendship, their careers, and their lives outside of work.

Pujas inspiration

Puja explains the impacts her mother has had on her life as well as in her future.

A Poet and Her Mother
December 27, 2018 App Interview

The making of a poet, her early influences and enduring sources of inspiration. More about Sara at

Cyane Lowden and Thomas Roese

One Small Step partners Cyane Lowden (77) and Thomas Roese (73) discuss their creative pursuits, the influential people in their lives, and how they are each enjoying retirement.