Pursuing Creativity

An interview between a mother and her daughter about finding creative inspiration and pursuing a career in art.

"Be a good person and work hard" – An inspirational testimony from my personal idol, my father

My name is Avery Maddox and I interviewed my father, Steve Maddox. I discussed topics including my father's regrets of not staying close to his family, raising 2 female daughters, and finally to his chaotic childhood of moving every 3...

Life of Pablo

This is an interview of my cousin Jeffrey Canales, who studies Social Work at Texas State University. In which I ask him questions such as who has had the biggest influence in his life and the lessons learned from that...

FYS Interview about the theme of legacy with Deborah Quisenberry by Ashley Austin

I interviewed Deborah Quisenberry for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Seano’s book...

Doctor Diary’s

Me, Emmaline Holoch, is interviewing my mom, Kristin Holoch a reproductive endocrinologist who works at KU medical center, who will unveil the stories of how she came to be and what she had to sacrifice.

Triunfando en la Adversidad: La Inspiradora Historia de Yolieny, Inmigrante Profesional en Puerto Rico USA.

Yolieny (44 años), nos narra su travesía migratoria desde la partida de su tierra natal Republica Dominicana, La entrevista con Yolieny, una inmigrante profesional que llega a Puerto Rico territorio de los Estados Unidos, revela sus desafíos al intentar ejercer...

Papa´s Girl
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Zella Abraham (15) talks with her best friend Sadie Long (17) about heroes and role models, and how they shape who we are.

Interveiw with my inspiration Ross Reynolds

This is an interveiw with Ross Reynolds and how he connects with the character Atticus Finch in How To Kill a Mockinbird


Karlie Kitchens age 20, Jack Lindquist age 20. In a relationship. I asked about what he would want to pass down to his future grandchildren and how he would want them to remember him.

Interviewing My Step Mother

Yo mismo, Isaiah Lee, entrevisté a mi madrastra. Yo tengo 16 años y ella 38. Aprendí mucho sobre ella en la conversación y me alegro de haberlo hecho.

Inspired by my Dad :)

Today, I interviewed my dad asking him questions about me and his life. He has always inspired me with how hard he’s worked and focused on his goals to get where he is today.

The Great Bass Discovery

Interview of our amazing history teacher, Diana Bass.

Jiu Won Interviewing Valerie Yang about her life.

This interview was recorded in Detroit Country Day Middle School. The date of this interview was April 16th 2018. I interviewed Valerie Yang. We talked about broad topics about her life. Those topics included, her sisters, her books, and her...

Interview with Sophie Fernandez

During our interview we spoke about her life experiences and got to know more about who she is. Through this listeners can learn what are her values and morals.

Corey DePina and Kadahj Bennett

Friends Corey DePina (39) and Kadahj Bennett (31) reflect on what inspires their creativity and art. They talk about their journey as artists and share appreciation for the support and inspiration they have received from one another.

Person of Inspiration

Helena Wimboeck interviews the very inspiring person Carolina Ugaz-Moran, the author of the wonderful book Aline and the Blue Bottle. The book is about Aline, who finally finds the magic in herself. The search for happiness is a journey to...

Stephen Rumbaugh and Kathryn Kurrelmeier-Lee

One Small Step partners Stephen Rumbaugh (54) and Kathryn "Shawn" Kurrelmeier-Lee (65) discuss their backgrounds, their roles in the education system, and their hopes for a more proactive and less divisive society.

Sloane Gasperov and Catherine Rodriguez on, The Path to Success After High School, Isn't Always a Traditional One

.And how persistence and a supportive family helped her Sloane Gasperov talks with her grandma about achieving her life long dream in becoming a respected attorney in a typically male dominated field. And how persistence and support helped her achieve...

Interview with Finn

We talked about his teaching career.

Teresa Wells and Brendan Gerdts

Teresa Wells (65) and her mentee, Brendan Gerdts (21), share a conversation about their friendship, their personal growth, their political views, and their hopes for the future.

Interview #1

Jean Koenig is a close family friend that I interviewed. I interviewed her about her childhood, her opinions, and her life.