Michelle Weber and Ben Pascal
November 1, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Michelle Weber (54), the Chief of Police, and Ben Pascal (46), a Presbyterian minister, sit down in person at the Teton County Library in Jackson, Wyoming. They discuss their upbringings and families, their roles as...

Emily Ford and Daphne Mark

Daphne (27) asks long-time family friend and mentor Emily about her adoption, the biggest decision she ever made, and how race has impacted her and her daughter, Tiffany.

Randall Lorenz and Suzanne Malek

Suzanne Malek, TMCC Genealogy Librarian interviews Randall Lorenz regarding the the importance of Oct 30th as Adoption Remembrance Day. Randall also discusses his own story of adoption and the road to finding his biological family. It was his journey that...

International Adoption: How it Impacted a Daughter

Ali Townsend reflects on how her views on adoption have changed over the course of her life. Ali explains how adoption has both positively and negatively affected her identity, and details the adoption experiences she found most significant.

Catherine Clare and Howard Fifer Warmly Remember the Joy of Adoption

Early in their relationship, Cathy Clare and Howard Fifer agreed that they wanted to be parents. Their decision led them to adopt. After careful study, they chose to adopt a newborn from Chile. When their application was approved in 1988,...

Carolina and Susy: Journey into Motherhood

Carolina is a UMass student interviewing Susy as a part of a Public Health class project focusing on connection. This interview touches on Susy's experience when choosing to become a mom, adopting her son from Peru, and facing motherhood head...

Theo Deluhery and Liz Deluhery: adoption is beautiful

Theo Deluhery: 2020-11-09 19:16:28 Adoption is something that is shown in this interview of a mother and son that shows the journey of something that seemed impossible but was guided throughout by God.

Sammye Bates, Marvin Bates, and Wendi Bates

Wendi Bates (45) asks her parents, Sammye “Vicki” Bates (76) and Marvin "Marv" Bates (79), about the story of her adoption from Guatemala in the late 1970s. They share memories of growing their family through adoption, the intricacies of naturalizing...

Child loss and International Adoption

experience of losing a child from a disease the mother had that led the family to adoption. They later had a healthy child that did not have any issues relating to the disease.

International Adoption: How it Worked Out for a Mother

Joan Oleck reflects on the process of becoming an adoptive parent to her daughter from Russia, and details her most memorable adoption experiences. Joan also discusses how adoption has shaped her identity, as well as her views on adoption as...

Joanna Bjerum and Lyndia DeShazer

One Small Step partners, Joanna Bjerum (41) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) are natives Kansans that share their experiences in their careers, their family histories, and a love for their state.

Claudia McKnight and Molly McKnight

Mother and daughter Claudia McKnight (63) and Molly McKnight (25) discuss Claudia's experience in the U.S. military, her love of aviation, and her experience under Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Kathleen Duncan and Mark Huffman

Mark Huffman (47) interviews his sister, Kathleen Duncan (54), about her childhood memories, adopting her 3 children, and her hobby in stand-up comedy.

Meagan Armstrong and Amy Blossom

Woman interviews her 21 year old daughter who was adopted from Korea as a 6th month old about her identity and recent trip to Korea where she met her biological family.