Kelven Kai & Karen Miranda International student experiences, Education, and Relationships.

Karen Miranda is an international student in Concordia that studied in a UWC (United World College) in German. Prior to UWC Karen did not speak English and struggled during her first year in this international school. In this interview, she...

Jay, GY, and Alex Discuss Stereotypes

Jay and GY, Intensive English Program students from South Korea, discuss stereotypes with Alex, their Language Partner from the U.S. Stereotypes include ones that foreigners have of Korean people and ones they had before coming to the U.S.

Interview of Cayo Mattos, sales director at Reliance Partners

Brazil born background Cayo Mattos tells about his personal experiences and strategies being in America as an international student and afterwards.

Interview with An LGBT Person in a Conservative Country about Her Experiences

I talk with my friend (19) from a conservative country about her experience being LGBT in a religious country, her identity, and how growing up in a place like that has affected her life. I do not reveal her identity...

Racism Free For International Students
February 26, 2022 App Interview

This is an audio project of our experiences with racism during our first year as international students in the U.S.

Alex, CK, and Chura talk about support systems

This Spring 2019 LPP trio discuss who they go to for personal support during stressful times. Cultural ideals of support are also discussed.

Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.

Leena Fraihat and Diana Razumova

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023] Leena (20) and Diana (16) participated in the Karsh Institute of Democracy's first international One Small Step conversation. Leena is a second-year undergraduate student at UVA, and Diana is a high school student from currently...

Ryan and his host mom
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Ryan asked his host mom about her career and her life

Racism Free For International Students

This is an audio project of our experiences with racism during the first year as international students in the U.S.

Antoine Ayoub and Helen Shuford

Antoine "Tony" Ayoub (81) talks with his oldest daughter, Helen Ayuoub Shuford (52), about his childhood in Lebanon, education at the University of Alabama, and their family.

An Interview With Tana Ruegamer by Stephanie De Avila

Stephanie De Avila (Wellesley College Class of 2021) talks with Tana Ruegamer (Director & Advisor of the Slater International Center at Wellesley College) about Tana's work in support of international students. We discussed how Tana's life experiences led her to...

Kirsi Shan and Leo Shan

Kirsi Shan and Leo Shan talked about the aspiration of going abroad to study as an international student and reflection on her personal growth before she embark on an international journey. It will reflects on Kirsi's interview and anything she...