Shule interview with Abuela: my grandmother reflects on her life

I interviewed my Abuela about how it felt for her to be a Jew her culture and identity.

Escaping from the Nazis

“My grandmother didn’t want to leave, and my mother, very bravely at age 24 went back to Prague and got her mother and her younger sister Mimi out of Prague with great difficulty… on the last train before Hitler marched...

Ron Pollack and Michael Wenger

Friends Mike Wegner (71) and Ron Pollack (69) talk about meeting as young white college students in New York, and their subsequent involvement in the Civil Rights movement, including the Freedom Summer. They talk about how it shaped the rest...

Joshua’s Interview

Joshua Furman (age 9) interviews his paternal grandmother (age 69) about her immigration to the United States from Russia. Key points discussed include why she left Russia and the move to the states.

Glass Half Full
November 29, 2021 App Interview

We discussed memories of career, marriage, and teenage years from the 1960’s-2020’s.

Mom. Naomi z-f

Preserving culture with my mother.

Terry Dawson and Michael Gorin

One Small Step converastion partners Terry Dawson (66) and Michael Gorin (71) discuss questioning their faith, what "patriotism" means, and how to talk to people with political differences.

The Life of Tobias Acosta

He is an Argentinean and talks about how he lived in Argentina . He mentions how he wanted to be an actor since he was told he had a special talent for that. But lastly talks about his religion ;...

A Granddaughter’s Interview with Claire Marcus

We talked about the family's history and my grandmother's history, the influences in her life of her strong connection with her family, and what she wants future generations to know.

The great thanksgiving listen

In this, I interviewed my grandma Darlene Liss. We discussed her childhood and important things in her life.

William Cherry and Aaron Pillen

One Small Step partners William Cherry (35) and Aaron Pillen (29) discuss the most influential people in their lives, their views, and their attempts to find the political middle.

Caroline Scharf speaks to her father David Scharf about growing up with Jewish immigrant grandparents.

Caroline Scharf speaks to her dad David Scharf about his Jewish immigrant grandparents and how they brought their culture and food to the US.

Uncle Scott Interview on father Eric Roos

Uncle Scott’s opinion on his father’s story and upbringing in Germany. Then moving to the US and becoming a soldier.

From the Soviet Union to America – a story of hard work and a good amount of luck

In this interview, I discuss with my father his immigration experience from the Soviet Union to the United States. As a jew living in the Soviet Union, he saw limited opportunities and knew he needed to get out. He describes...

Surrounded by death

Interviewing my Bonus-Dad who was born in Belgium and is Jewish, he grew up right after the holocost, and during the Cold War. Learning more about his childhood.

Dr. Wollin

A granddaughter interviews her Jewish engineer, radiologist, air force lieutenant, pilot instructor grandfather shortly after the passing of his wife, her grandmother.

Mason Gronauer and his grandmother Honey Scheidt talk about her life in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the interview, conducted in November 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee, Mason Gronauer (15) interviews his grandmother Honey Scheidt (88) about her involvement in literacy and artifacts coming to America. Mrs. Scheidt also shares her involvement in the University of Memphis...

Petra Hellthaler and David Garrett

One Small Step partners Petra Hellthaler (79) and David Garrett (76) discuss finding a path out of poverty, their differing views on abortion, and acknowledging accomplishments of presidents they didn't vote for.

Recording – 12-03-2023 21:09:10

I (14F) interviewed my mom (52F) about her Israeli identity and her life. We spoke about her time in the military, her life in apartheid South Africa, and the Oct. 7 attacks.

Aunt Flossie

Florence "Flossie" Mishkin (100) talks with her great-nephew, Matt Freeman, great-nephew-in-law, Adam Rosen, great-niece, Emily Palacios, great-nephew-in-law, Miguel Palacios and nephew Steven Freeman about her life on Friday, November 26, 2021. Post-Thankgiving, three weeks before her 101st birthday.