Imelda Brito and Pedro Hernandez

Don Pedro Hernandez (87) e Imelda Brito (66) hablan de la agricultura y el papel que juega en su comunidad. También platican del proceso de sembrar y cosechar en su tierra, los animales que cuidan y la pasión que tienen...

David Lovejoy and Clifford Lovejoy

David Lovejoy (53), talks with his father, Clifford Leon Lovejoy (86), about a devoted life to work, Jesus Christ, and being yourself, no matter where you are and who you meet.

Trinity Wilson’s interview with her memaw, Phylis Packard, about her experiences as a woman throughout her life.

In this recording, Trinity Wilson, a political science and women’s studies student at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan interviews her memaw, Phylis Packard. Ms. Packard was born on February 11, 1947, and grew up in Hammon, Oklahoma with one...


The hardship people had to go through just to survive.

The story of my birth

My mom and I talk about my birth and how that day went for her

The Midwest Boy

Speaking with my dad about his childhood.

Betty Brown-Chappell and Gail Patterson-Gladney

Sisters Betty Brown-Chappell (76) and Gail Patterson-Gladney (74) trade memories from growing up on a farm near Bangor, Michigan with six other siblings. They reflect on what it was like for their family to navigate being one of the only...

Working in the Service Industry with Sierra Paulsen

I interview my sister, Sierra, about her various work experiences. She discussed her time working in several different restaurants, as well as her other positions in the service industry. Sierra also talks about working in the "gig-economy" and her hopes...

Thomas Finan and John Gaal

Long time friends and colleagues Thomas “Tom” Finan (71) and John Gaal (64) talk about the work they’ve done to change the culture in the construction industry, particularly striving to uplift DEI initiatives, bring awareness to mental health issues, and...

Jenny Rask Interviews Gene Rask about his life. Growing up in Portland Oregon.

Jenny Rask: 2020-12-16 01:31:05 Jenny Rask Interviews Gene Rask about his life. Growing up in Portland Oregon. His mother Marguerite's hair cut and color preference. His sister Mary's birth. Her spunky personality and parent's pet. Gloria and Mary go to...

Story of My Birth

I interviewed my Mom about the story of my birth and how I came to be.

The Many Labors of Tom Sheffler (Episode III: The Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Happy Labor Day! My husband Don and I chatted with my father-in-law Tom Sheffler about the dignity of labor and the changes in workplace ethics over his lifetime. At eighty-three, he works harder than anyone I know. In this chat,...