Emily’s 2020

Emily describes how life was like for her throughout the last year

We love our Off-campus experience

Brinn is a freshman at St. Norbert College who came back from the GAP experience, where she has a chance to studying about many social justice issues throughout the U.S. and Guatemala. And Tran is an international student who spent...

Thanksgiving Listen

Since the 1960s, a lot has changed in just our everyday life. There is way more technology and everything that we learn in our history books were actually reality to people just like you and me.

Justine Chapel on her 22 Birthday

Jody speaks with her daughter, Justine, on how it feels to turn 22 and some of her favorite memories and experiences in life thus far.

“To be honest, I didn’t have much of an idea of what was ahead…”

In this father-son discussion, 14 year old Arnav Gunwani interviews his father Manoj Gunwani about making the shift to the United States in 1992 to pursue a masters degree at Syracuse University. Mr. Gunwani talks about his expectations for a...

My mother and her experience moving to America

My mother immigrated to America from Japan 20 years ago, and has lived here ever since. In this interview, I ask about her experience as the first and only member of her family to move out of Japan, and about...


Quick questions for charlee, practice

Keeping Yourself Up

Jada Meas is a Junior that attends The Sacred Heart of Josephinum Academy. She is 17 years old and is a great individual and a very independent teen. Everyday she is able to pick herself up and try to be...

Sierra and Robert Com100

Sierra and Robert sat down in their living room in San Diego to talk about Roberts life.

Richelet Jean, Hasina Islam, and Abigail (no name given)

Richelet Jean (42) speaks with librarian Hasina Islam (27), as well as his daughter Abigail (no last name given) (7), about how Hasina's work with families at the public library has made a huge impact on Abigail's learning, curiosity, and...

Grandmother Interview

This is an interview for Mr. Saliciccioli’s StoryCorps assignment. I did it with my grandma.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about the teenage stage and how that you can’t take your childhood for granted.Also adults are wiser and you should listen to the ones who give you good advice. Remember that they care and love you.They will always...

Vanderven Lesson 5 Story Corps Interview

This is an interview with my sister. We talked about learning and change.

Summer Podcast

Learning more in-depth about my Mimi, Frances Townsend, and her journey through life. My Mimi’s connection to art plays a major role in both her life and mine spurring forth my desire to discover the motivations behind her art in...

Carolyn Peter and Sophie Livsey

Friends Sophie Livsey [no age given] and Carolyn Peter (57) discuss the impacts their mothers have had in their lives and what their passings mean to them.

Lit and comp

He told me new information I didn’t know.

William Proctor and Summer Cody

Summer Cody (23) interviews County Commissioner William “Bill” Proctor (62) about his childhood, his family, and his career as a pastor, an adjunct professor of political science at Florida A&M University, and County Commissioner of Leon County.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I, Teagan McKay, spoke to my GGMA about her time in the Navy and then her lifelong education. She told me all about her life.

Marcia Dunn and Annie Garde

Friends and colleagues Marcia Dunn (81) and Annie Garde (75) discuss their work as hosts of the long-running, children's radio program, The Pea Green Boat.

November 21, 2022 App Interview

interview with Kelly my class mate, about his life and his hardest

COVID’s impact on teachers

The pandemic of the Coronavirus has impacted grade school students majorly and took a hard hit on those with physical and mental disabilities. Teachers are appreciated for their patience and kindness within and throughout these hard times.

HoA Extra Credit 3A

My sister talks about her love for learning even as a high schooler and her passion to change the world

Coronavirus Discussion With my Dad

In this interview we discussed the coronavirus. We went over the effects, and wats it could have been stopped.