Brandon Flores talks about growing up in Brooklyn,NY #northsidechirico

I interviewed my father about how was growing up back then was for him. As well as how was school like. This interview was on November 26,2018 in Brooklyn,NY. He talks about his school life and more all in 4...

Thanksgiving listen

Throughout the interview i learned the about how me and my siblings impacted my mom as a person

Erin Bohn and Kendele Daniel

New friends and co-decorators Erin Bohn (46) and Kendele Daniel (30) talk about their careers as high school government teachers and reflect on their experience as volunteer holiday decorators at the White House.

Welcome to our lives, Astro!

We named him Astro but call him meow cause he's vocal like that. He chitters, purrs, meows and vibrates in ways that are difficult to explain. And every time you look at him, your heart melts with love. You just...

Jan Claussen and Amber Rotramel

Jan Claussen (76) shares with her friend Amber Rotramel (33) the story of how she began to tutor a young boy named Vincent, teaching him how to read and write so that he could enroll in the first grade.

What music means to us.

I interview critically acclaimed artist Simon Molnar (16) about music and what it means to us. We talk about how music is a language within its self and what experiences we take away from every sound and piece we listen...

Regina McQuiller part 2

I loved learning more about her. I loved the lessons that she taught about you having options

“A Life of Growth and Change: An interview with Xujin”
December 15, 2022 App Interview

My name is Yuru I interviewed my friend Xujin and both of us are 21 years old. This interview is focused on Xujin's thoughts on life.

Ethan Conlon and Barrett Howard

Mentor and mentee Ethan Conlon (33) and Barrett Howard (22) talk about their work as craftsmen and reflect on the process of building an art installation for the White House.

Leah Spencer and Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer

Mother and daughter Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer Spencer (70) and Leah Spencer (48) discuss being in college at the same time, Chiq's experience as a non-traditional student, and the importance of education.

Chicago is Where I Wanna Be

Nichole Perez (17) interviewed Sean McGuire(28) and found out he grew up in a small town, but always knew he wanted to come to Chicago.

Sitting Down with Dad

Night time talk with my Dad after dinner. We talk about his childhood life and his relationship with his family, as well as his experience living in England and his love for the outdoors.

Travis Martin, teacher at Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC.

We talked about Mr. Martin’s education and how he got into teaching others.

Rachel and Sarah talk about Sarah’s SNC journey.

Rachel Mueller, communications specialist for the Mulva Library at St. Norbert College, interviews Sarah Titus, librarian for archives and special collections, about her experience as a student (Class of 2012) and now as a staff and library team member.

The Journey of Music To Sublimate Soul: A Interview between Labyrinth And Draken

I had an interview with Labyrinth. We discussed his experience of learning guitar when he was a child and what mindset and rewards he gained from learning. After the interview, I was deeply touched by his attitude towards life.

Passion for learning

We talked her passion for learning and her style of learning the people she had worked with and how she learns through her mistake

Starting Off Right

Brady Ashton shares about his childhood influences and career goals, and how those experiences coupled with life's twists and turns helped prepare him to be a driven, present Social Studies teacher.

Eboni Valentine, Ekin Pellegrini, Cindy Goodwin-Sak, and Scott Morris

Eboni Valentine [no age given] talks with Ekin Pellegrini [no age given], Cindy Goodwin-Sak [no age given], and Scott Morris [no age given] about the University of Missouri–St. Louis College of Business Administration and their Doctor of Business Administration program.

Thoughts by a Friend

Wandering thoughts by my friend on an eclectic group of topics

Rima Runtzel and Allison Patterson

Allison "Alli" Patterson (17) interviews her mother, Rima Runtzel (39), about Rima's father who passed away from AIDS. Rima talks about memories of her father before his diagnosis, how his personality changed as the disease progressed, and memories from her...

Mary Heers and Katie Swain

Mary Synder Heers (76) speaks to her colleague and friend Katie Swain (30) about the many professions she has held over the years and her spirit of rebellion.