Sierra and Robert Com100

Sierra and Robert sat down in their living room in San Diego to talk about Roberts life.

Nils Bognar interviews his dad, Istvan Bognar, on his life so far. “What was your childhood like”?

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Nils Bognar(14) interviews his dad, Istvan Bognar(47), about his life so far. Istvan shares stories about growing up in Africa and in New York and how each...

Andrew and Lizzie discuss education and learning

Andrew and Lizzie, friends from high school both at the Honors College, discuss their past and respective futures

Lit and comp

He told me new information I didn’t know.

Jenns Interview

Me and my older sister did a interview. Five questions were asked

Interview with my science teacher, by Hannah

This interview is private.

Meet Brenda!

An interview with Brenda, a 79 year old creative lady with 2 beautiful kids, a garden to tend to and a new creative project to take on

A Lesson to Save Lives

Have you ever wondered what you would do in the event of a fire? What if you were four years old? In November of 2017 in Los Angeles California, Delia Rivera interviewed her grandmother, Karen Meyers to learn about one...

Waldorf Grades 5 & 6 Teacher & Pedagogical Chair Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson thought she was going to become an anthropologist, but life had different plans for her: “I feel that I am really helping create the kinds of people I want to be leading our society, and that is my...

My Grandma and I

A conversation with my Grandma about her early childhood. We discussed her school life quite a bit, and how she met her future husband. We talked about her siblings, her grandparents, and her parents. The best part was when she...


How an unlikely influence changed the course of my life (or what I didn’t want my like to become, rather.)

Thanksgiving Listen

Since the 1960s, a lot has changed in just our everyday life. There is way more technology and everything that we learn in our history books were actually reality to people just like you and me.

Thoughts by a Friend

Wandering thoughts by my friend on an eclectic group of topics

A Challenge You Overcame

In this interview I spoke with Andy Calvo about challenges we overcame. We determined that with hard work, perseverance, and a strong motivator, we can acquire new skills, no matter how challenging they might seem.