Interview with mom

Mom shares story’s of life and her journey of being a mom

Carolina and Susy: Journey into Motherhood

Carolina is a UMass student interviewing Susy as a part of a Public Health class project focusing on connection. This interview touches on Susy's experience when choosing to become a mom, adopting her son from Peru, and facing motherhood head...

A childhood to remember " Lainey Sullivan & Mike Sullivan"

Today I am talking with my dad about him moving and giving the pros and cons about moving a lot as a child. We talked about his favorite places that he has lived, and especially the hard times and thoughts...

Not Everything Goes as Planned

Roberta Liebman speaks about her life journey and how not everything went as she planned. She talks about her adventures with her husband and kids and how she found her way to her career as a Speech Language Pathologist and...

Muted by Despair but Unloyal to Illusions

Fredrick Mitchell was born into a time of gray mists and steady rain. At the age of 5 living in Biloxi Mississippi, things started to get seized from him. First the rights of school were taken from him, then his...

"I wish your kids grow up to know the journey you've been on in your life". Sam David, with Diana David

Sam David and Diana David talk about life as siblings, heritage and the journey onward. For the 50450 Project: 50 interviews for Diana's 50th birthday 2021-07-09 04:15:08

My Mother Growing Up in Upstate New York

We discussed Malone, Indian Lake, climbing Owl' s Head, and the lessons of her parents. We also discussed being Jewish as a child and her intense church involvement now, the spiritual growth.

Interview w/ Mom

Talked about my moms life experiences. How she grew to become the amazing and strong woman she is today.

the great thanksgiving listen

This is an interview with my mom Martha. We discuss her childhood and memorable times in her life.

Helene Van Manen and Dave Van Manen

Helene Van Manen (64) and her husband Dave Van Manen (67) share stories from their lives as they detail their love, their family, and their journey westward from Brooklyn, New York, to Beulah, Colorado.

Storycorps Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my interviewee about her childhood memories, relationship with her parents, lessons she’s learned throughout school and work, how she met her husband, why she chose to live in Esko, how she wants to be remembered, and what she...