Michel Newman talks about her childhood and how she would like to be remembered.

Interviewing my neighbor in her house about her life and childhood. November 24th 2017 at 11:25ish. We talked about her life struggles and what some of her favorite memories are. Michel and her family are our backyard neighbors, they moved...

Joanie & Gary Thanksgiving 2017

I talk to my grandparents about their lives and the events that were small and changed their entire lives.

The Great Listen

I interverviewed my Grandmother and talked about her childhood and her life experiences.

Aunties interview

How everything in life i about lessons listen to the values you have

Combat Veteran interviews Military Widow

Mrs.Joy was kind enough to share her life experiences with me and I am forever grateful. She is a military widow who owns her own daycare. Being a combat veteran myself, I had countless questions because of the many intersections...

Interview with big Papa

My father speaks of life lessons and decisions that paved who he is today.

Art of the short story interview

We talked a lot about his family and friends and how they have became a big part and big role in who he is today

Grandmother shares important life lessons with her granddaughter, Ava Mesita
November 23, 2018 App Interview

In this interview my grandmother shares with me wonderful stories and amazing life lessons, and with that it also includes some great advice and knowledge.

Thanksgiving interview with Aunt Cher

Interviewing one of my favorite aunts in State College, Pennsylvania. Listening to stories about her childhood and how she became who she is today.

Part 3: From India to the USA: My grandmother’s story

Part 3: My grandma and I continued our conversation, talking about politics in the 1970s and positive moments in her life. Additionally, we talked about lessons she learned when teaching at a Milwaukee Public School.

Kristen Cooper and her student Woods Windham reflect on her early life and family in South Carolina.

In this interview in Greenville, South Carolina, Woods Windham sits down with Kristen Cooper. Ms. Cooper speaks of her early life and how her family has shaped her. She also talks about her legacy and her decision to become a...

Interview with Sister

I sat down with my sister to talk about her life and the people who helped her become who she is today. She (Summer) also shared some life advice that she has learned and would like to pass down to...

Celebrate Life with grandma

Grandama talks about the influence her father had on her life and the advise she used to raise strong children. Developing character and learning to seize the opportunities that life presents.

The Importance of Reading: Caroline and Amy Lyman discuss Amy’s reading life and most influential novels
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording, student Caroline Lyman interviews her mother, an occupational therapist, Amy Lyman, and they discuss the Amy’s early love for reading, most influential novels, and the lessons learned from them. Interesting take on the importance of reading today...