Gabbie Mehalovich interview

I have learned a lot about my mom through this interviewing process, I learned that she was not very wealthy growing up but she was recoursful and found a way to do things on her own. She’s been an entrepreneur...

Interview with my mom

Me and my mom talk about her life. We talk about her childhood, life lessons, and important events in her life.

Interview with my mom

In the interview with my mom we talked about her life and what she did as a kid. We also talked about her memories and how it was growing up in Puerto Rico.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Life lessons learned from growing up in Florida, establishing a strong work ethic, and appreciating health and happiness.

Jose and brother, Javier, talk about Javier growing up in the United States from Mexican immigrant parents.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Jose interviews older brother, Javier, about his upbringing in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. Javier shares stories about his childhood and teenage years in the city of Chicago. He...

Steven Hennig and Adele Hennig

Husband and wife duo Steven Hennig (58) and Adele Messner Hennig (58) discuss their life together, their influences, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Robert Seebeck, Elizabeth Sawyer, Robert Seebeck, and John Seebeck

Robert Seebeck (95) celebrates his 95th birthday sharing memories and stories of the family with his children, Elizabeth "Beth" Sawyer (63), Robert "Fred" Seebeck (68), and John Seebeck (56).

Zach’s life

Zach’s childhood and what he thinks about his life.

"I wouldn't ever want to forget those memories."

As I interview my mother, DeAnna Toyn, she explains some of her happiest memories, as well as her most difficult. She also explores some of her regrets and how she wants to be remembered.

Great Thanksgiving Listen-Grandma and Amanda Yares

Interview with my Grandma Rhea Yares during Thanksgiving 2017. We talked about her childhood, her life lessons, influential people in her experiences, and hopes for the future of our family.

Get Lucky and Never Quit

Having a true appreciation for relaxation, Linda Pfeffer speaks with her grandson, Jake Joel, while sitting on the beach in Hawaii on Thanksgiving of 2017. Linda shares an abundance of stories, each with a golden lining, that resonates with Jake...

“This was like a soul to soul conversation”

This was an interview between my mom and I. We spoke about general life lessons and about the life we have led and would like to lead. We also touched upon the impacts of her upbringing and of mine.


Meet my grandpa, one of the single most influential people in my life. Over the course on his 70+ years here on earth he has learned and accomplished some pretty great things. Today he shared some with me. Here’s what...

Interviewing my grandma

My grandma tells me about how to excel in life.

Theresa Laffey and Keith Kondrich

Theresa Laffey (59) and her brother-in-law Keith Kondrich (47) remember Theresa’s mother Alice Laffey, who passed away from cancer two years ago. The two talk about Alice’s incredible strength, her warmth, her infections smile, and the lessons she taught her...

Giovanna DeCaprio and her mom, Donna create a better bond discussing life lessons.

While recording on November 2017, Giovanna DeCaprio interviews her mother Donna in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They discuss the bond and memories between them & life lessons to focus on. Mrs. DeCaprio opens about the hardships of her job...

Patricia Caulton and Yvonne Walton

Friends Patricia Caulton (70) and Yvonne Walton (71) share life lessons and talk about their friendship, their community, and their connection to God.

Interview with Mom

My Mom and I talked about early childhood, her career path, and the similar emotional connections we create through our interactions with others.

Zack Gandolf’s Interview

I Interviewed my Dad because he is a huge inspiration in my life. I wanted to learn more about his life growing up. He has taught me how to be respectful and hardworking but also how to have a good...