Amy Rothfuss and Julia Resto

Sisters Amy Rothfuss (40) and Julia Resto (33) discuss a car accident Julia was in, resulting in the loss of her child Azaria. They remember the incident, and reflect on the importance of discussing death.

Dana Lerner and Judith Kottick

Dana Lerner (59) and close friend Judith Kottick (67) share how important their friendship has been to one another after suffering the loss of their children.

Larry Johnson and Deb Sung

One Small Step conversation partners Larry Johnson (72) and Deborah "Deb" Sung (36) talk about their shared experience leaving the church, their complex relationships with their parents, and the need for people to talk to each other in the current...

Grace Cangialosi and Susan Oliveri

[Recorded Tuesday, February 1, 2022] Grace (78) and Susan (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed activism, military families, and the influence of their religious and spiritual beliefs on their politics.

Kara Linn and Susan Mick
November 17, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kara Linn (60), an executive head hunter from Casper, WY, and Susan Mick (64), a retired math teacher from Jackson, WY, sat down together for an in-person conversation at the Teton County Library in Jackson,...

Seven Boxes: Celebrating the Strength to Move On

Dr. Bobbi Alba shares her new inspirational memoir about multiple sudden atypical losses. Topics include: cancer, loss of child, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness, alcoholism, pet loss, transgender youth, and leaving a living legacy.

Laurie Jacob and Judy Kaufman

Laurie Jacob (67) talks with her friend Judy Kaufman (63) about grief following the loss of her daughter, Dary.

Lisa Imbasciani, Robert Imbasciani, and Brittany Imbasciani

Spouses, Lisa Imbasciani (56) and Robert Imbasciani (59), and their daughter Brittany Imbasciani (32) reminisce about their daughter and sibling, Erica Imbasciani, who was fatally hit in a car crash.

Cassandra Walker and Jill Henderson

Cassandra Walker [no age given] speaks with her friend, Jill Henderson (57), about her late son Terence, how she remembers him, and how his death has impacted their family.

Kerry McCoy and Ann McCoy

Kerry McCoy (66) interviews her mother-in-law Ann McCoy (84) about her experiences as an administrator and Special Assistant to the Clintons before and during their time in the White House.

Ged Randall and Zena Zendejas

Ged Randall (70) talks to his new friend and StoryCorps Facilitator Zena Zendejas (31) about some of his childhood memories growing up in Orofino, Idaho, about the tragic loss of his son by suicide, and his career as a firefighter/EMT.

Shelly O’Rourke and Ania Welin

Friends Shelly O'Rourke (53) and Ania Welin (47) reflect on the passing of Shelly's son. They discuss the circumstances around his death, remember sitting with him at the funeral home, and describe the day of his cremation.

Lymon Sanderson and Robert McCord

Best friends Lymon Sanderson (51) and Robert McCord (56) share a conversation about their experiences with addiction, homelessness, recovery, and finding homes. They also discuss the roles family, friendship, and God play in their lives.

Shamika Wilson and Jill Henderson

Shamika Wilson (47) speaks with her friend Jill Henderson (57) about losing her son Draylen. Shamika shares memories of Draylen and reflects on the grieving process and the importance of having a support system.