Theresa Valdéz Maestas and Jake Maestas

Theresa Valdéz Maestas (78) sits down with her husband Jake Maestas (88) to share the story of her great-grandmother Maria Rita Gallegos, a Navajo woman taken captive as a servant by Manuel Antonio Gallegos.

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life's purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...

Eve Shenale life story and experiences on Navajo Reservation

Eve Shenale (41) shares her life story on the Navajo reservation and urban city to her son, Matthew Gould (16). Growing up in the Navajo Nation Reservation and school life in the urban city came with constant moving. In both...

Chey on his 90th birthday

I'm having a quick interview with my grandpa. He talks briefly about his life, family, and you may hear some Navajo, his native language.

Kristen Rael Wakefield and Anthony Rael

Kristen Rael Wakfield (40) and her father Anthony Rael (65) discuss their ancestor Mathias Montaño, a genízaro (captured indigenous person of New Mexico), occupying the same land he once lived on, and the research Kristen is doing to better understand...

Isaac Madson and Eleanor Francis

Mother Eleanor Francis [no age given] and son Isaac Madson (37) reflect on their relationship, recount stories from the past, discuss their Navajo identity, and pass on wisdom to future generations.

Diane [No Name Given] and Rose Herrera Figueroa

Cousins and descendants of Andres DeHerrera and Miguel DeHerrera, Diane [No Name Given] (39) and Rose Herrera Figueroa (56), discuss their family history. They talk about being descendants of enslaved Navajo people and how that history has impacted their lives....


I interview my boyfriends mom

Jaclyn Roessel and Arianna Johnny-Wadsworth

Friends and colleagues Arianna Johnny-Wadsworth (33) and Jaclyn Roessel (39) share their perspectives on Indigenous motherhood, community, and connection.

Fred Sanchez and Brenda Rodriguez

Cousins Brenda Rodriguez (62) and Fred Sanchez (57) discuss their ancestors with a focus on their great-great grandfather Salvador Sanchez whom they learned was a Navajo nation member.

Dawning Pollen Shorty and Manuela Velasquez

Dawning Pollen Shorty (51) speaks with her conversation partner Manuela Velasquez (23) about growing up in Taos Pueblo and the relationship between art, science, and nature.

Navajo Kinaalda

A mother daughter interview which focuses on what it means to be a woman in Navajo culture. This is unraveled through the heavily symbolic coming of age ceremony for girls: The Kinaalda.