The Gulf War: A Citizens View

Crystal Geraldson, 45, discusses her experience in living in the middle east during the Persian Gulf War.

Aimee Adelmann, Laura Ellsworth, and Kristyna Wentz-Graff

Aimee Adelmann (32) and Laura Ellsworth (41) talk about the experience of having had kidney transplants with donated kidneys from their fathers. They talk about how the transplants have shaped their lives, the experience of being sick during their twenties,...

Interview with Omar. Enayah and her brother Omar talk about their family connection and self growth.

In this interview, conducted in November, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Enayah interviews her brother about their family connection and self growth. Omar shares some great memories he had as he was a child with his sister (siblings) and friends. He...

Thanksgiving Listen 🎶

This interview includes a conversation between myseld and my grandmother. Where I ask her a few questions of which I was able to get to know her and her way to look at life a little better. And where she...

Univ autothnography

My aunt and I really have a special connection. She has been the one I can always talk to and know she will give me her most honest opinion. During the interview and her sharing details that I had forgot...

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017- Mother to Daughter Experience

I️ am talking to my mother about her experiences in life. Talking about her childhood, career, her children, and what she is proud of and knowledgeable in life for.

Lee Anne Abney and Michael Castengera

One Small Step conversation partners Lee Anne [No name given] (56) and Michael Castengera (73) talk about the changes overtime in the U.S. regarding politics and society and the growing need to be able to share differing perspectives.

Caroline’s Interview 2018

My Mom and I talked about her experience being pregnant with me at a young age. We also talked about her perspective on being pregnant later in her life.

Perspective, with Bethany and I

We had a brief chat about how world views and your ideas for the future can change

Pharmacy Student COVID Perspective

This interview was touching on the perspectives of a future pharmacist on the impact of Covid.

Katie Riess and John Michael Riess

Siblings Katie Riess (21) and John Michael Riess (19) share a conversation remembering their mother. They talk about how her legacy shaped them as people and also about their relationship with one another and their family.

“I realized I spent a whole lot of time of being disappointed instead of moving on with things.”

My grandmother, Mary Guzzo, was born and grew up in a poverty stricken community in Brooklyn, New York. She lived in a small apartment complex with her older sister and two younger brothers. Her father remained in her life until...

Coach Kyle Bakken the transition from soldier to coach

This is an interview about Kyle Bakken who is the defensive coordinator for Concordia College football team. This interview describes his life as a soldier transitioning to a coach and how his perspective/attitude changed when his job changed.

Trees, HipHop, Hook shots, and Philly

Amy delves into her time moving from New York City to a newly integrated housing community in Philadelphia as a young girl. She went from sharing her bedroom on the top floor of a high-rise apartment to having her own...

Reflecting on the Past

People reflect on their lives often, however, there are always certain memories that are difficult to relive. On January 8th in her home in Los Angeles, Lucrezia Pignatelli met with her nanny, Mahesh Krishan, aged 46, to discuss his life...

The Influence We Have Over Our Own Happiness

This interview encompasses several key words of wisdom in life, particularly in how to promote happiness in one’s own life through how we perceive the people and things around us.

Pandemic interview

This was an interview between two high school boys who lived through COVID 19 and what it was like

Being a parent of a 15 year old.

Me interviewing my father on what it is like to be a single parent.

“Always enhance your strength, overcome your weakness… Be yourself and that’s the most important”

A niece(Iris Chin)interviews her aunt(Grace Woo) about the lessons she’s learned throughout life. Also, she states different pieces of advice to pass on to future generations such as “Always enhance your strength, overcome your weakness...Be yourself and that’s the most...

A New Perspective

A humanitarian trip to India changes an individual’s outlook on people placed in her life.