Memories of the past and present.

In this Interview I interviewed Ernesto Acosta. He told me about important memories or and funny and sad ones. And or other stuff.

James Kearney and Janis Kearney

Janis Faye Kearney (67) interviews her brother James Kearney, Jr. (81) about his life. They discuss childhood memories, their parents, the value of religion in their lives, and family.

Gabriella Ciccarelli and Lynee Parkinson

Gabriella Ciccarelli: 2022-11-17 20:00:25 Interviewing my classmate Lynee about school topics.

Nathan Kim interviews Chang-Soo Han(uncle).

Today, I talked with my uncle Chang-Soo Han, who lives lives in Korea but is visiting us for winter break. We talked in Korean, with a little English on my part. I asked him about his school experiences and how...

James Dobbins interview with his mom

James talks to his mother about life growing up in Brooklyn, and her early memories from childhood. She shares some memorable moments from her life and lessons she has learned. She talks about some of the influences on her life...

Paul Ort and Suzy Ort

A woman interviews her 69 year-old father about his growing up in Prague, Czechoslovakia during Nazi and Communist occupations. His mother and her family were involved in the Czech underground resistance, and had a hand in the assassination of Reinhard...