203 interview Assignment

Mom talks about the past, present and future with her son, me

Airstream interview on a Sunday morning in May

Rich talked about his grandfather and memories of his growing up with him. We also talked about his son josh and our whacky honeymoon in Hawaii August 2000.

Laurie Meininger and Pete Montaño

One Small Step conversation partners Laurie Meininger (65) and Pete Montaño (68), talk about travel, family life, voting rights, gun control and gun ownership and the tension between individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Interview With Dad

A reflection on my father's past and a glance into his future.

Jeremy Edmonds and Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson (25) talks with co-worker and friend Jeremy Edmonds (57) about their life experiences, work, and overcoming challenges.

The story of my mother

This interview is taken place in my humble warm place I call home. I interviewed my mom named Sandra Aguilar, who is the age of 35. In this she speaks about her life, her past experiences, the lessons she has...

My Son Dan

My son and I talked about the writing life and how we would describe each other to people who didn't know us.

Elian’s Mom, Christmas, 2017

Elian Gorman Carter, son of Tracy Gorman, talking about his mom.

The power of a black mom

The story of black woman persecuted most of her life and still reaches the top

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my father and we talked about what he's thankful for

Interviewing my mother!

During this summary I asked my mother what she appreciates most in life, what has being a mother of 3 taught her, and has she completed all of her goals in life.

An Interview With My Dad

This interview entails me asking my dad questions regarding my infancy as well as questions concerning his family life as a child. He tells funny stories about my sister´s reaction to my birth, a heartwarming memory from my first month...

The American Dream

At the age of seven, Jesse Marino and his family came to America to seek asylum from communism in Cuba. On December 22nd in Toluca Lake, Mia Phillips sat down with her family friend, Jesse Marino(58 years old), to learn...

A talk with my parents

I talk with my parents about where they were raised and how it’s like being an immigrant and also what they think about me

Dad Interview

I interviewed my dad. I was kinda nervous but it was fun.