Rose Tonti and Mary Miller

Mother and daughter Rose Tonti (101) and Mary Miller (62) discuss their family’s history and immigration from Italy to the United States during World War II.

Philip Hellreich and Miriam Hellreich

Philip Hellreich [no age given] shares a conversation with his spouse, Miriam Hellreich [no age given], about his parents and his father’s side of the family escaping Austria during the Holocaust. He talks about the miracles that helped them escape,...

Hans Westermark and Lorraine Westermark

Spouses, Hans Westermark (72) and Lorraine Westermark [no age given], share a conversation about their childhoods and how they first met. Hans also talks about how he came to the United States from Sweden, and Lorraine talks about her career...

Term 1 Project Interview – Haiti
October 14, 2022 App Interview

Interviewee: Fabiola (Jaydens Mom) Interviewer: Jayden (Fabiola’s Son) Topics Discussed in Interview: Life In Haiti, Changed Coming To America, Things Missed In Haiti, How Has America Changed, And More.

Rodolfo Janairo and Rolland Janairo

Rodolfo C. Janairo (69) talks with his son Rolland Janairo (36) about growing up in the Philippines, immigrating to the US, working in New York City, marrying and raising a family.

Lady liberty

The statue of liberty, know as lady liberty is a statue that represents our freedom, liberty and democracy. Immigrants who have travel through to come to the U.S passing the New York Habor first see the statue of liberty, giving...

Beneath Her Green Feet

I interviewed my boyfriends mother, Luz Stella Garcia and her experience on seeing the Statue of Liberty.

Joseph Wesolowski and Wendy Wesolowski

Joseph Wesolowski (76) talks with his wife, Wendy Wesolowski (59), about growing up as a street kid in the East Village of New York City, high school, his career in Engineering and adoption of their children.