We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

Interview with Frederik Rasmussen

Interview with Frederick Rasmussen, a foreign exchange student from Denmark staying with the Creighton family

Interviewing a person on the reflection

Taking the course of broadcasting can build up our personality, courage and skill.

human of hillhouse pt. 2

He is explaining his childhood and how he is who he is today .

Rowan Brady and her mom talk about their lives and goals for the future in Highlands ranch, Colorado.

In this interview,conducted on May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Rowan Brady(13) interviews her mom(50) about her childhood, job and her goals for the future. Mrs. Brady shares stories about how her childhood differs from her life now. She also...

COM100: Coming to America

Estifanos and Henrique are two international students who came to America to complete their studies at a university. This interview discusses their experiences with the change, what they plan to do after college, and their overall perspective on coming to...

Cristina Amador and Olivia Paschal

[Recorded on October 26, 2021] Cristina Amador ('24) and Olivia Paschal (PhD '26) share their experiences growing up in open-minded Christian households, the decisions that led them both to the University of Virginia, and their disapproval of partisan labels.

I interview Raymond

Me and Raymond talk about our courses and what we might do for a living

“UT Then and Now”

The conversation compared life of a UT student in then 80s to the present.

Interview with Scott

Short intwrview with my avid teacher Mr.Scott

Evyn Sharp interviews his teacher Angela Fry.

Evyn Sharp interviews Angela Fry at Jefferson Street Campus in Neosho, Missouri on December 7,2021. The two discuss Angela's childhood, her family, and important lessons that life taught her.  

Foreign Exchange Students

My mom talks about her experience with her foreign exchange student, Dani. She talks about the advantages of the foreign exchange program and also her experience in Dani’s home country, Germany.

Living History as a College Student

This interview is a part of the series of stories in the course Applied Journalism Seminar at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Gene Bozniak and Chaplain Andersen

Chaplain D. S. "Shane" Andersen (54) interviews his former college professor Dr. Gene "Boz" Bozniak (79) about his life, experiences, and impact as an educator on students.

A youth in 2021

I interviewed my sister on COVID-19, Social media, highs and lows of our current time and more