Interviewing a person on the reflection

Taking the course of broadcasting can build up our personality, courage and skill.

Anushka and Abigail talk about engineering, siblings, sushirritos, and everything in between. “We’re both adults now.”

Abby, my future roommate, and I talk about things we have in common, such as engineering student struggles, and things that differ between us, such as cultural stigmas. We talk about our sibling dynamics, our favorite foods, and our past...

Advisor wisdom

The idea of valuing people for people, and the things that matter in life.

“Dancing has always been a big part of my life…”

I interviewed the East High dance teacher Tuesday Siciliano, we talked a lot about her love for teaching and how she got into dancing.

SGS Career Prep Partner Interview

We talked about how life is and how her life was like.

human of hillhouse pt. 2

He is explaining his childhood and how he is who he is today .

Parents and Students on School Integration

National Coalition on School Diversity #NCSD2017 participants Courtney and Aneth share why they joined the school integration movement

Final Interview-

Talk with my JROTC Master Sergeant about life and the military

Jennifer Velazquez interviewing 4th grade teacher, Lydia Maisonave. Pt.2

In this interview, conducted on September 17, 2019, Jennifer Velazquez interviews her 4th grade teacher, Lydia Maisonave, about her days as a teacher and what it was like being her teacher. She also talks about her childhood and what kind...

interview with my mom

my mom talks about education and the importance and influences on students

International Student

Life of an International Student in the United States

Studying abroad

My friend experience in studying abroad

The Unasked Story

I (Zeeann McCarty) have interviewed my geometry teacher (Yolanda Ricasata) from Freshman year. I asked her about herself and her experiences. I did this so that others can see what a wonderful person she is outside of just being a...

Rowan Brady and her mom talk about their lives and goals for the future in Highlands ranch, Colorado.

In this interview,conducted on May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Rowan Brady(13) interviews her mom(50) about her childhood, job and her goals for the future. Mrs. Brady shares stories about how her childhood differs from her life now. She also...