Monica Jordan and LaTonya Walker – Our "run away" story…

Monica, 48 interviews her cousin LaTonya, 50 about the time they ran away from home during the summer of Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children. Crazy... we know. While this was a scary time for the citizens of Atlanta, cousins Monica...

4th of July, mid 1930s by Lillian Bowen

4th of July in the 1930s. Growing up in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. How we got food and other things without modern conveniences!

A Mother and Her Son

In this interview you can hear a son interview his mother about her childhood and teenage years! Is your teenage life similar to someone who was born in the 50s? Watch this interview to find out what friends were like...

The Life of Belbs

Shelby and I discussed her experience through high school and what things she enjoyed. We also discussed her plans for the future.

Nick C interview

We interviewed Nick C about his life and friends

Auntie-Grandma Jewel (sibling #7)

In the midst of the pandemic my family has been blessed with new life. I spoke with my Aunt Jewel about the experience of becoming a great-grandma during the outbreak. I thought I knew my aunt pretty well but this...

Aunt Mildred and the Cadillac

Remembering my great aunt Mildred and her pink Cadillac with Grammy and how important loved ones are and how they can never really leave you.

My mom and the small town newspaper

I asked my mom questions about her hometown and how it was like working for an old school newspaper

Katrina Watson and Courtney Gilbert

Cousins Katrina Watson (26) and Courtney Gilbert (28) reflect on the summers they spent at their grandmother's house in Tennessee and how their parents created the space for them to make wonderful memories with each other throughout their childhoods.

Bing Yi and his daughter, Emily Yi, talk about growing up in Dalian, China.
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Emily Yi interviews her father, Bing Yi, about his childhood in the Chinese city of Dalian. Dr. Yi talks about his parents, extended family, and the people who have...

A greatfull boy

Chase hlads view on life, politics, and summer