Nidiffer Interview

We talked about his teaching career, how he has impacted others, and what the future holds for him.

The places of her memories
January 8, 2018 App Interview

During the 60s my grandmother traveled and taught. She shared her memories of traveling throughout Europe and Isreal during her extended honeymoon.

Archive Oologah- Kellie Capps

Madison Watson and Jamie Marrara interview Kellie Capps for Archive Oologah. They discuss the importance of English, the evolution of education, and life in Oologah.

Lila Mae Dean Hoogeveen – Part 1

Life growing up in Spencer, IA. Teaching. Marriage. Life. And more.

FLE400 Interviewing a Native Speaker – p1.
November 7, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing Dr. Jonathan Phillips, a Professor of Agricultural Resource Economics at NC State University.

An interview with my headmaster Mr. Sell, by Rio

I interviewed the headmaster of my school Ken Sell (Aoba Japan International School). I interviewed him because we are learning in my I&S (Individuals and societies) class, ‘how can listening to stories help us better understand and appreciate the people...

Thanksgiving Listen

My aunt reflects on her life so far

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview, I talked with my mother, Deborah LaMotta (57) about her life and family, and how much they have impacted her life now.

Interview with John Hoover, a teacher and grandfather

John Hoover described his teaching experience and what raising my dad was like

Ms Flanary

I interview Ms. Flanary about how was her life and about us too.

Like Souls

Charis interviews her English teacher about life, teaching, and everything in between.

Mom interview

My mom's life stories and what had impacted her life.

What is it Like Being a Teacher and a Parent?

In this interview, I dive into the world of teaching from a parents point of view. The person who I am interviewing is my mom, Terry Brogan. She has been both a paraprofessional and an elementary school teacher and a...

Joseph Singer and Angela Singer

Angela Singer (68) talks about her childhood and shares parenting advice with her son, Joseph Singer (29).

“Still room to grow”

My dad and I talked about how he went from a bench warmer to a head coach to an assistant principal.