Teaching With Mapes

This interview is about my teacher Mrs.Mapes and what she’s goes through as a teacher.

Lou Ann Ashley and Jennifer Harris

Friends Jennifer Harris (45) and Lou Ann Ashley (68) share a conversation about their work as teachers, their friendship, the challenges they have faced, and their favorite teaching memories.

Final interview

We talked about his life as a whole and how teaching and music has impacted who he is as well as his unique childhood.

“It's important to get out of the textbook and into the field to communicate science and new research.” An interview with Elizabeth Eubanks

Engaging young students outside of the classroom can help further a life-long interest in science. Elizabeth Eubanks is trying to bring these kinds of experiences to as many kids as she can. As a science teacher, she’s heard from students...

Karen Steele and Elsa Jackson

Elsa Jackson (16) talks with Karen Steele (69), her grandma, about various topics about her life, including Elsa's mom and her siblings, jobs, family, and faith throughout her experiences.

One Lucky Teacher: A Witness to History

The people who influenced my father and the development of his personal and professional passion for history, together with some of the opportunities he had to witness historical developments and personages.

Marvina Hooper and C V

Friends Marvina Hooper (65) and C V (43) talk about their faith and the nonprofit organization Marvina started called Casa David. They talk about the work they are doing to support people in need in Honduras and Guatemala.

Terri Grathouse Gibson and Gabriel Gibson

Mother and son Terri Grathouse Gibson (58) and Gabriel Gibson (18) discuss how they overcame doctors' belief that Gabriel would never talk.

"I’m more of a painter in music than a musician" – Alan Semerdjian

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Alan Semerdjian (Long Island) who makes meaning of his life through art. They discuss family influence, Armenian heritage, dialectic thinking, writing, music, and the art of educating.

Scott interveiws ms coker

Me and ms coker talked about how its like to be a teacher.

Immigration Stories Italy: Jorida

Jorida Dervishi is an idealist through and through. Jorida came from Albania to Milan 4 years ago and opened her own school for women immigrants to help them learn to speak Italian. While working with her school devoted to women...

Archive Oologah- Christi Harper

Madison Watson and Jamie Marrara from Archive Oologah interviewed Christi Harper, a science teacher at Oologah High School. She discusses her time as a student at Oologah and how that compares to her experience as a teacher here.

Archive Oologah- Kevin Hogue

Madison Watson and Jamie Marrara from Archive Oologah interviews Kevin Hogue, the principle of Oologah High School.He discusses the differences between Oologah and other communities, and what he sees as the most important values of our town.

Olivia Hernandez and Esmeralda Alday

Friends and colleagues Olivia Hernandez (65) and Esmeralda Alday (40) share a conversation about the importance of bilingual education in schools, building connections through plática, and the power of language to strengthen one's relationship with their identity, culture, and community.

WGS interview due 4/11

Questions about education, family, feminism, being a guy, important life lessons.

The Importance of Education-Erica Hennessy

My grandmother tells how education bettered her life and gave a sense of purpose despite the stigmatism about women going to college at the time.

Learn, Listen, and Love

Wisdom and knowledge is something that you will never forget in life. It is something that no matter where you come from you can have. In the following interview you will hear from one of the wisest person I know....