story corps project

Mathew Edwards close friends of Hagin James seeks insight of his love of theater. why he keeps on going and what lessons has he gained from theater.

“The Iroquois Theatre Fire” Story corps interview

Today, we talked about the significance of the Iroquois fire, and how it affected my family’s life.

Alyssa Farmer and Wil Ennis

Friends Alyssa Farmer (46) and Wil Ennis (48) share a conversation about their friendship, how they first met, their favorite memories together, creativity, and the different art that they each do.

2018 Art Action Day – Meriam Bousselmi “I can be denied a visa, but no one can prevent the wanderings of my soul and spirit.”

In preparation for the 2018 Art Action Day, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America interviewed artists from all over the world to ask them about the importance of art and free movement in their lives. Meriam Bousselmi...

Leeanne Chávez story.

I interviewed my really good family/ friend leeanne. I have known her for years and she’s really helped me a lot in life.

Jaxon Arnette Interview

Me and Hadix talked about his interests a lot. We bonded a lot over musicals.


Talking to my fellow classmate Hannah about her past, and her passion for performance

Mr. Schneidewent’s Words of Wisdom

Corey Schneidewent English teacher discusses his life story and important moments from his life


Marlon has a passion for community engagement. He believes, very strongly, that theatre can be used as a catalyst for change and community building. He worked as the Director of Shakespeare in Fremont Park, a community outreach program developed by...

Carol Cohen, Benjamin Cohen, and Lee Cohen

Carol Cohen (70) shares a conversation with her sons, Benjamin "Ben" Cohen (36) and Lee Cohen (28), about the relationship the two brothers have together as siblings.

Jim Collier
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Jim Collier, Interview on Life Reflections Sophia Mulder, Interviewer T Lambert, Technical

Interviewing D.Matt Kizer

D.Matthew Kizer is head of the theatrical department here are Plymouth State Universuty. He is one of my most influential mentors and teachers and today we talked about his life, carrer and important life questions.

Life Stories with Francine Purcell

Francine shared stories of growing up in Oceanside, going off to the University of Michigan, her long and satisfying career, meeting her husband, and of course her 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Having A Chat With My One Act Director

Jill Roberts is a 29 year old mother with 2 children. Kate Heidlebaugh is a 17 year old high school student. Both of these two people grew up with different religions and beliefs. One of the major things that connects...