Nancy shares stories that lead her to a life philosophy of "if now now, when?"

Nancy lives in San Francisco for her everyday life because of the beauty, diversity, and accessibility, but her soul belongs to the cabin in MN that's been in her family for decades. She shares stories on family, values, and planning...

Natalie Lancaster McCaskill– "Everyone knows a widow"

Kathryn Deden talks talks to her Godmother, Natalie Lancaster McCaskill, founder and advocate of Modern widows club based out of Houston, Texas about her experience becoming a widow and how she has developed a community of empowering women from all...

Grandma and me
November 2, 2015 App Interview

An interview with my grandmother from 2015

Brandi Whitney and Brenda Ford

Brandi J. Whitney (45) talks with her conversation partner, Brenda Ford (51), about see Love in new ways this Valentine's Day 2022 as she mourns the recent deaths of her father, grandmother and husband, Michael.

Michael Brown and Greta Peters

One Small Step conversation partners Greta "Cherry" Peters (76) and Michael Brown (53) talk about their upbringings and the beliefs they share. Cherry discusses her experiences as the only woman in her graduate school program and what led her to...

A Grandmother’s Journey: From Brazil to the States and “I do” to “See you soon, my love.”

An interview of a walk through time with a beloved mother, grandmother, and wife of fourty-seven memory filled years.

Haley Bell interviews her grandma about her experiences as a woman throughout the different stages of her life.

In this interview, Haley Bell, 20, interviews her grandma, Eva Pease, 72, through the StoryCorps connect app. Haley is located in Ypsilanti, MI, and Eva is located in Bay City, MI. This interview was conducted for a psychology course to...

Healthy Aging

Mary Marquez interviewing “Lola Ed” about aging.

Michele Brenner and Colinda Stailey

Michele Brenner (49) talks with her mother-in-law, Colinda Stailey (88), about Colinda's life, the welcoming environment she's created for her nuclear and extended family, and how she and Michele came closer together in the grief of Michele's husband and Colinda's...

Kimberly Hegman and Susan Skedsvold

Kimberly (59) talks to Susan (53) about the decision to donate Kimberly's husband's liver to Susan. They talk about their friendship and how they bond over the loss of their husbands.

Hank Ebert and Maione Carrijo

Hank Ebert (64) interviews his wife Maione Carrijo (58) about her life in Brazil before she married him and moved to Idaho. Maione then interviews Hank about his unique upbringing as the child of diplomats, living in various countries from...

Grandma-ma-ma-ma’s story.

Life and it’s ups and downs and the treasures of love and living.

Thanksgiving with Aunt Francie, 2019

Park family (Dave, Bill, Beverly, Frances and Connie) memories, working as a seamstress, The Great Depression, Sadie and General Eisenhower, children’s and widow’s needs after a father’s death.

Norma Roose and Rebecca Roose

Norma, 88, talks to her granddaughter, Rebecca, 33, about how her life changed when she was widowed at 48 years old. Norma married young and had been a house wife, with her husband always taking care of the finances. After...

Alicia Tafolla speaks with her granddaughter, Daphne Arellano, about living in Chicago and moving to Illinois.

Throughout this interview, held on November 27, 2017 in Oceanside, California, Daphne Arellano interviews her grandmother about her life beginning in Chicago and later moving to San Jose, California. She speaks about how the two states contrast. Additionally, Alicia Tafolla...

How to love a happy life by Grandma McDermott

I interview my Grandma (Virginia McDermott) about her life, growing up, as a teacher, and her retired life as a widow and what she does to keep busy.

“I didn’t really have any example to follow [for grief] other than what I saw in the movies and I felt like I was doing it all wrong."

One to One seeks to create experiences that connect people to stories through conversations, allowing them to feel seen. This conversation between neighbors features Doug Henderson and Angela Marick, Healing Grief as a Single Mom Widow.

The widow

Jose Rodriguez gets asked questions about his love life and how he manages to be strong now that his lover is gone.