Conversation with Lola Nena

A conversation with my Lola about life during WWII and her life in the Philippines


First interview while on car trip from Tyler TX to Beaumont TX, December 2018.

Humor in dysfunctional

My mother recounts a story about her father being declared missing in action during WWII

Childhood of Maria Rodriguez

In this interview we cover Maria Rodriguez childhood and what she did for candy money. We get into the history of her ancestors and when they arrived in Chicago. We get a look into a family change of identity. Lastly...

Growing up in Germany during WWII

Interview with Ingrid Eisiminger, 84, and daughter Anja Fraiser, 54. Ingrid was born in 1939 and was a few months old when war broke out. She tells about being a child during the war, how her mother cared for her...

My Experience as a Child inside WWII Germany

A German immigrant discusses his childhood in WWII Germany and his personal reckoning that Has resulted research and writing about German force labor camps.

Interview with Grandmother: Growing up in Hawaii

Elaine H. (grandmother of Lauren M.) shares valuable lessons that has shaped her through her memories and upbringing. From growing up on the plantations of Maui to internment camps, Elaine shares her fond memories of her past to shine light...

From Nana to Amma

I interviewed my grandmother, Monelle Richmond on November 27, 2017; to find out about why her parents moved to America, and to discuss an experience of her mother's in France during WWII.

Coast Guard Storytelling with Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson, truly one of our greatest generation, discusses his career with the Coast Guard during World War II. He served at Garibaldi Oregon his entire enlistment where he met and married his wife. Pat expressed a special request that...

Interview 3
February 27, 2018 App Interview

Japanese interment camp interview

9,641 km, 2 continents, 1 lifetime, 0 defeats.

Growing up before WWII and falling in love were the easiest parts of Vera's life, but she encountered more hurdles along her way. On November 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA, Vera Volfson shares her story with her great-granddaughter Dara...

Lee Anne Abney and Michael Castengera

One Small Step conversation partners Lee Anne [No name given] (56) and Michael Castengera (73) talk about the changes overtime in the U.S. regarding politics and society and the growing need to be able to share differing perspectives.

Gudmund Iversen describes his time as a child in Norway during the German occupation, 1940-1945

This was an interview about the memories of Gudmund Iversen during his time as child in Trondheim, Norway, during the German occupation. Although just a young lad, he shares vivid memories of that tumultuous time.

Oh, the places we’ve seen!

Sharon Wakamoto, an OC resident for almost 60 years, but born in Los Angeles spent a few years as a young child, during WW2 in the Japanese internment camp or War Relocation Center as it was called, at Gila Bend,...