Raising a child with autism

Janice Kern talks about the journey of one of her sons, Charlie, and how he was able to attend college after being diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.


Hannah talked about her two decades of living in Singapore

interviewing my brother

we talked about meaningful story’s about my brother, ups and downs of being an adult.

Immigration Stories Italy: Jorida

Jorida Dervishi is an idealist through and through. Jorida came from Albania to Milan 4 years ago and opened her own school for women immigrants to help them learn to speak Italian. While working with her school devoted to women...

Talking about John, Joan, and Rich

stories about dad's brother John, hanging out with Joan Baez in Boston, and college fraternity


I talked with my brother Owen about the most influential people in his life, his happiest moments and what he is most grateful for.

My brother from another mother!

This is my brother that I never had. I’m so thankful that we met

My Amazing Grandfather

This interview, conducted December 30, 2020 in Tustin, California Brady Steinle (12) interviewed his grandfather, Thomas Roddel (81).I learned so much about my grandpa’s life. I learned about some of his personal experiences, childhood and his accomplishments. He talked about...

An Almost Military Man a.k.a. my not-so-little brother

My 17-year-old brother leaves to join the Army National Guard in t-minus 30 days. I got him to sit down with me and talk about his experience with the global pandemic, his high school graduation and his military plans for...

Great Thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my mom about her deceased brother, Shane.

“That is what big brother’s are for.”

Phat Lu met his art teacher after a year and relived their memories together of Phat’s older brother

A talk with my brother Easton

Easton explains what’s going on in his life and his thoughts on some of the people around him, and we both share our ideas about the future.

A heartwarming interview with my Vovo

I interviewed my grandmother from my mother's side. I asked her some questions about her life, why she immigrated to the United States in 1988, and what she was thankful for Thanksgiving.

My brother, Wil.

In this, I interviewed my brother with Aspergers. I asked him questions about his life, but as you see he doesn’t directly mention his autism.