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Elisa Ayala and Ruth Valsing
December 2, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Elisa Ayala (29) and Ruth Valsing (66) sit down for conversation in Jackson, Wyoming. They talk about politics within their respective communities, how to better understand the place where they live, and reflect on how...

Class practice

We mostly talked about past events and memories

Immigrant interview

I talked to one of my friends about being an immigrant and what it was like coming to America.

27 years in CPS

I interview my mother a Cps employee on her experience and the ever evolving school system

LHP Interview Annie Redfern

This is the interview portion of the living history project.

English 111

I asked her questions related to what made her into the person she is today. I also asked her questions related to memories that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

Story Corps Interview

11 questions about Ashley’s life after 20 years.

Immigration and History Interview

Immigration to the United States and historical events in the 1960s

Cheri Moore

I learned a lot about my grandmother's youth, and enjoyed every bit of knowledge I got

Two kids in a high school

Two high schoolers in a school discussing things and life

Thanksgiving listen

Missions, Early Childhood, and Motherhood

My Better Half

About my wife’s childhood. Who has influenced her the most.

Kayla’s job

This is about Kayla and her jobs