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Thanksgiving interview

This was an interview with my grandmother aged 77, who I asked a few questions about her history.

Randy, Van, and Emily discuss preparing for the climate emergency
January 30, 2022 App Interview

Emily, Van, and Randy discuss electric vehicles, public transportation, and changing habits to combat the climate crisis. In a somewhat difficult yet rewarding transition, these community members helped inspire others and take action in their neighborhood.

Evan, Chris, and Gail Stallone

Evan Stallone talks to his mother, Gail Stallone (55) and father Chris Stallone (55) about their different perspectives on Food, energy, and water growing up in a lower economic standing then they are currently in now.

A conversation between Grandmother and her Grandson

This is a conversation I had with my Grandma. I love her more than I could ever put into words. Enjoy.

The interview

My mother talks about moving to US

vinyl record collecting community

we talk about vinyl records with Nathan Collins

Recuerdos Duran Toda La Vida

I interviewed my mother by asking her some basic question about her past. This was to get to know a little more about her and for old time sake.

When Media Met the Military

Susan Suddoth (46), an intelligence specialist in the NAVY, talks with her daughter, Angelina Suddoth (19), a VCU student, about how the media affects the United States military. They talk about how tv shows and movies can affect the attitudes...

Lorraine and Kayla Daignault

This was an interview with mom about her life and lessons she learned.

Jeremy Goodrich and McKenzie Goodrich

Jeremy Goodrich (40) tells his wife, McKenzie Goodrich (38), about the short lives of his children, Noah Bazur and Stella Bazur. Jeremy talks about the births and complicated health of each of his children and about why he loves to...

Dennis Hatch and Christopher Piner

Chris Piner (46) interviews his father-in-law, Dennis Hatch (70), about his early life and schooling.

The great thanksgiving listen project

I talked with my gram about things in her life and what lessons she has learned and what some fond memories we share and that I also learned.

Cadence Porisch & Kale Jones on the Climate Crisis

2023-03-28 01:52:54 Cadence Porisch (17) interviews Kale Jones (18) about his thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and ideas regarding the growing climate crisis that is affecting our planet.

My Mama & me

My mom Jamie Roberts who is 45. my name is Olivia Roberts who is 15 years old. we are mother & daughter and wre recording about my mom's childhood, and favorite memories.

"It was a horrible place to be internally and externally, and I certainly didn't feel like I was worthy of getting help" by Lacey Londrigan

Speaker 1: [00:00:00] What was your pivotal moment that made you want to change your life? [00:00:03][3.0] Speaker 2: [00:00:04] I think the moment for me was when I was experiencing homelessness and 2013 I was in Vegas on the...

Mom and Logan interview

I interview my mom about her life me 14 and her 53.

Barbara DeLeon, Phillip DeLeon, and Matthew DeLeon

Brothers, Matthew DeLeon (18) and Phillip DeLeon (20) interview their mother, Barbara DeLeon (49) about her father and what he was like.

Salwa Muhammad and Ana Trandatir

Salwa Nur Muhammad (32) and Anan Trandatir (32) reflect on their college experience and the work they have pursued afterwards during their Wellesley College 10th reunion.

Steve Wood and Sage Fridell

Steve Wood (75) talks with his friend, Sage Fridell (18) about moments from his childhood in Missouri as well as other exciting times from his life.

Wilma Owens and Melissa Owens

Wilma Jean Owens (77) talks with her daughter Melissa Owens (47) about her upbringing in rural Virginia, her mother's lifelong influence on her, and why she is an eternal optimist.