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An interview with Karen on the topic of the pandemic. She tells us about her thoughts and feelings about everything going on with the pandemic.

Anth Final Interview

The interview I conducted today involved talking to one of my close friends about his family background.

Relationships and Situations

This interview it’s with my roommate Gabriella and one of my best friends. We talk about love and relationships and situationships. Along with growth through understanding significant others and working through issues.

Civil War Podcast

This is a podcast about the events that occurred before the Civil War and how these events impacted the War.

Life with Cody. :)

I interviewed my step brother. He didn’t have much to say but he enjoyed it.

A Young boy interviews about her history

We talked about her life in the war. And we also talked about her life as a teen

Husband’s Thoughts

Family, love, and happiness were talked about in this interview.


Hablamos de la historia.

Mother Interview

An interview where I sat down with my mother and asked her several questions about her early life.

Interview with my god sister featuring funny stories

This interview is basically about my god sister’s childhood with funny stories from her college life and childhood.

Gloria Hanson and Paul Hanson

Gloria Hanson: 2020-12-19 16:15:10. Gloria Hanson, mother, 84 years old and son, Paul, age 58 talk about the long journey through mental illness and addiction

Jack Drevs

Jack and John discuss like at the end of 2020

Practice Interview

he explained his life story & explained his childhood nickname. he also told about his job.

Story Corps Assignment

I Sharyia Delossantos am interviewing Brianna.

Jolybette Deleon

Jolybette Deleon: 2020-12-21 23:34:22

Politics with Mom

Talking about my moms views in politics