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Elisabeth Traumann and Don Davis

Ms. Traumann (55) reminisced about her father, Michael, a German who immigrated to Brazil where he farmed. Mr. Davis (58) talks about the history of violence in his extended family.

Emily Hanes and Scott Hanes

Emily Hanes (21) talks with her father (53) about his experience with interpersonal communication throughout his life and the changes he has noticed.

Life experience of Harry Lee

He talks about his experiences moving from Vietnam to America and the challenges he faced while learning and experiencing the new world.

A Discussion About Rutgers With My Mother, a Rutgers Alumna

In this interview I spoke with my mother, Jennifer Tarantino, about her experience as a Rutgers student in the early 1990s and how the university has changed and improved over time.

SW-539 Human Development Final StoryCorps Project Part 2 (Ivan Shapiro)

In part 2 of this project, I reflect on my conversation with Melanie S. and provide a summary of the individual’s narrative, as well as an analysis and conclusion.

Interview with Cassidy

About Cassidy life, Creative Media student at University of Hawaii - West Oahu.

Michael Bantam

Michael tells how steelhead fishing changed his life and lead to his current career

Silvia Lynch

This is an interview is with my grandmother Silvia Lynch.In this she talks about her life growing up on a farm with 14 siblings and being the mother of 7 children.

Mom’s Love
October 5, 2018 App Interview

He told about mom's love. And how important it is, how mom's love effect him. He respect to his mom. Also what he do to express his love without words.

James William Cordell, Part 3
September 26, 2018 App Interview

James William Cordell of Mississippi (1907-1983) remembers his early life. Part 3.

Interview with Linda Parraz

This interview touches base on early childhood, work and life goals

Elizabeth McCormick on The assassination of John F. Kennedy
November 1, 2018 App Interview

Elizabeth McCormick’s story on the traumatic assassination of John F. Kennedy and how it affected her life.

Clayton Spray’s Interview for BSAD 111

Clayton Spray records for BSAD 111 at UNL an audio file.

Identity aspect that differs from mine. Being religious vs spirituality.

I interviewed an individual 20 years older than me to grasp a full understanding on her lifestyle as a Christian. With me in the other hand, who has fell out of religion and has gained more from becoming spiritual.

Reflection of my 1 min video.

I did an interview with my friend about my 1 min video

The view of the New Malaysia

An interview with my parents about their view in the New Malaysia.

Grandma Interview!!

we talked about recollections of her life such as her favorite memories and some advice she has learned throughout her life.

“Science is the R&D for the future.” An interview with Christa Peters-Lidard

When Christa Peters-Lidard cold-called the head of NASA’s hydrology lab as an undergrad, she wasn’t thinking she’d eventually land that very position. Now as the Acting Director for Sciences and Exploration at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Christa oversees several...

APB StoryCorps Family Interview Assignment -Shirley Zavala

I interview my father on his political ideology based on his family background, beliefs, and values. He has a lot to say about the way the political system in the United States works in both it’s advantages and disadvantages.